School Closed for Remainder of Year

Following the lead of the State of Arizona with regard to public schools being closed for the remainder of the school year, all Diocese of Tucson schools, including St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, will also close its campuses for the remainder of the school year. St. John’s faculty will continue to provide distance education for its students for the rest of the year.

We are sharing the most recent information from the Pima County Health Department here:

Hello education partners,

I wanted to share a few updates with you. Governor Ducey issued an executive order on Monday promoting increased physical distancing. It can be viewedhere. He also extended school closures through the end of the year. That press release can be viewedhere. As with the previous orders, this closure applies to public, private and charter sites, preschool through 12thgrade.

The Health Department has closed our North and East clinics for the time being but continues to offer services (including immunizations) at our Theresa Lee Public Health Center at 1493 W. Commerce Court. Please direct parents to call 520-724-7900 before arriving at the clinic to review procedures and set appointments. We do not expect schools to be closely tracking immunization compliance while students are distance learning, this is just a resource for those asking.

We have been informed from our public safety and behavioral health partners that there could be an increased risk of domestic violence and child abuse during this time. A couple high-quality resource you could share would bePrevent Child Abuse Americaand these healthy parentingresourcesfrom the World Health Organization.

The County has created a centralized way to organize volunteers for the COVID-19 response. Please help us get the word out by encouraging people interested to you know anyone who has personal protective equipment or sanitizers to donate, please email what is available toEOCLogChief@pima.govand we will distribute items to agencies in the county with the most pressing needs.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has updated itsCOVID dashboard. This is updated every day around 9 am and is a good place to get informed about cases throughout the state.

As Arizona is now designated as a state with widespread community transmission, it’s important to note that the Health Department will continue efforts to conduct contact tracing and investigation for all cases but priority and more extensive investigation will be conducted for those cases that create more public health concern. Examples of cases that will get more extensive follow up would be those involving long-term care facilities, group homes, healthcare workers, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities etc. Educate your staff to expect that they have, and will continue to be exposed to infectious people and they should take all recommended precautions (handwashing, social distancing, covering coughs/sneezes) and monitor themselves for symptoms…

…Please continue reaching out with questions and concerns. Thank you all for your continued hard work for our families. I have two of my own children engaged in home learning and have been amazed by how quickly educators have responded to this and kept my kids on track and cared for. Your dedication is invaluable during this difficult time.


Crystal Rambaud MPH, RN

Pima County Health Department

Vaccine Preventable Disease Program Manager

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