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Used Toyota Corolla, Used Nissan Altima Both the General Motors Camaro ZL1 and Ford Mustang are slated for the grid in 2022, with the Gen3 revamp incorporating a new technical design and a modern look, more closely aligned to the road car. Simply tweaking the current regs is also on the table. We’ll know more, though, when the final production version shows up, hopefully sometime next year if we’re lucky. However, creating a whole new set of technical regulations isn’t the work of a minute. “NASCAR as an example. At a time when the world economy is contracting and car brands are laying off thousands of staff, dropping big bucks on a racing program is unlikely to be a priority. To have a chance at surviving the existential threats to the category’s survival, it needs to find solutions to four key questions: what will the cars will look like, what engines will be used, will they need manufacturer support, and how will they keep fans engaged? The all-new 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer shares a platform with the second-year 2021 Buick Encore GX. 2-row or 3-row full-size luxury SUV Now, with those production cars extinct, the category needs a new skeleton to sit beneath the racers’ composite panels. Different bodystyles, including two-door coupes, a five-door liftback, and traditional sedans, will all be accommodated, as will different wheelbases. The engine formula which has existed for multiple decades needs to be overhauled, and manufacturers need convincing they should hand over their intellectual property, while the category vows it doesn’t rely on OEMs anymore. Cochrane and three other investors purchased promotion rights for the ATCC in 1996 for $52,000. “The result of that will be that we will be able to make the cars race closer together,” Casey adds. It’s just time for a refresh. The survival of the sport depends on each challenge being overcome, and the 2022 deadline being hit. Read next: New Supercars rules could jeopardise Ford’s commitment. “I think what you will find moving forward is Supercars will take on the cost of homologating cars. 2021... Brand-new for 2021, the Chevrolet Trailblazer goes head to head against the futuristic, carlike 2021 Toyota C-HR. The mid-engined Vanquish will help expand Aston Martin's already impressive portfolio when it debuts sometime in 2022. A new control chassis must be signed-off and be capable of allowing vastly different body shapes to compete without differing too much from their road faring donors. Used Ford Expedition. And it doesn’t have any impact on the end product,” Kelly says. Rushbrook says that ethos is still very much in place, but with a slight twist. “They have all got to be, obviously, paratised and equalised in terms of performance and fuel economy.”. It is just part of the entertainment package. However, that is something unlikely to get support from Ford’s head office in Detroit. The rivalry has been created between the blue guys being Ford and the red guys being what was Holden,” he explains. That's right, Hummer is back. But the concept you see here likely won’t be a direct translation to the production version. Rivian’s much-talked-about R1T pickup should go on sale in 2022. While Rushbrook doesn’t expect hybrids to be used in 2022, he doesn’t want to shut the door completely. The history states that for a very long period of time, going right back into the ‘70s, there has been that rivalry.”, Read next: The cars that GMSV should (and shouldn’t) bring to Australia. When asked for clarification around Supercars taking on the cost of homologation, Casey explained that the category would do this by developing the panels and aero itself, leaving the manufacturer to simply sign-off on the use of its intellectual property. “You could have 15 less horsepower, have just as good racing, and save half a million dollars a year on your engine budget.”, Read next: New engine rules set for Supercars in 2022. They are cars people can relate to.”. “There’s no question we can make a car lighter than we do today, and therefore we can have a power-to-weight ratio that‘s similar to today, but with a bit less horsepower than we have now.”. Generous standard equipment High-end companies like Aston Martin and Ferrari promise new supercars for 2022, while mainstream American manufacturers like Ford and GMC have electric vehicles on the docket. They both know what it takes to run a successful race team. It debuted late last year, with deliveries expected sometime late in 2021. New Ram 1500 The average two car team is probably spending around $5 million a year, and really that needs to be down to a million dollars per car.”.

“Reducing costs is important for everyone. 2022 New and … John Casey is Supercars’ chief strategy officer, and the man in charge of penning the Gen3 rulebook. Stylish & distinct, inside & out © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited. Following the R1T pickup, Rivian will debut its R1S electric SUV later in 2021. The Triple Eight boss would also like this new generation of car to be simpler to run and maintain, making the sport more accessible for smaller teams, and more affordable for bigger ones. “I think we need to be asking [OEMs] for approval to run their car on the track but not asking them for money to do so,” says Casey.

Currently, engine costs are “out of control”, with a two-car team spending upwards of $500,000 a season before factoring in development. Expect a lofty price tag of around $350,000 to start. Rather than the traditional 5.0-liter V8, the LC F could pack a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 with up to 621 horsepower. Getting this right will determine the sport’s financial future, how the grid will look, and how fans respond to the cars. A step removed from the sport, they offer independent balance to the rose-tinted enthusiasm of pit lane regulars.

Following the Taycan and next year’s Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche will build a fully electric Macan crossover, too.

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday is long gone. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. Supercars is set to introduce an all-new set of rules in 2022, dubbed Gen3, which will set the category on a path that will hopefully secure its future. There is near universal agreement that Supercars will continue to be powered by a naturally aspirated V8 in the future. Previously manufacturers had to build Frankenstein interpretations of road cars to fit the existing control chassis. It should have the same 105-kilowatt-hour battery pack to start, with an optional battery pack producing as much as 700 horsepower and offering a total driving range of 400 miles. Comfortable yet tough There are multiple ‘ready made’ formulas the category could adopt but instead Supercars has opted for a slight tweak to its current ruleset. He believes Supercars must aim for entertainment over technical perfection when finalising its Gen3 rules. Mid- or rear-engine layouts are categorically off limits, and power will be delivered to the rear wheels exclusively. “It would literally just be the approval to represent their product on track,” he added. Cochrane adds that having an engine in the race car that matches the road-going version isn’t necessary.

The onset of a global pandemic in COVID-19, and the disruption that has caused, has only increased the intensity of discussions at Supercars HQ. That is a hard, unfortunate fact – one created by the current chassis which was introduced in 2013 to suit four-door Commodores and Falcons. That doesn’t mean we won’t welcome manufacturer participation in the sport, but we don’t necessarily rely on it either.”. But not everyone is included in the inner sanctum. Part of this plan is limiting the amount of technical freedom in the body homologation process, something exploited to great success by Ford. “Competing against other manufacturers is very important for us; that’s part of our story,” Rushbrook says. Used Jeep Grand Cherokee, Used Honda CR-V While they aren’t directly involved in the Gen3 working group, Todd Kelly and Barry Ryan are two of the team bosses that will have to adapt to the new rules. “The guy standing in the grandstand isn’t so impacted about the latest, greatest, ‘you beaut’ braking system. “But I think we need to be asking them for approval to run the car on the track, but not asking them for money to do so. This means there are a number of unknown factors, like where engines will be sourced, how many different engines will be available, who will be responsible for the development process, and what kind of power they will produce. That is getting on for double what a Supercar season is likely to be in the future. New Toyota Highlander, Used Honda Accord Todd Kelly is uniquely suited to commenting on what it takes to bring a new manufacturer to the sport, being responsible for fielding the factory Nissan Altimas when the Japanese company was committed to the sport. In the battle of 3-row crossovers, does the 2021 Cadillac XT6 have what it takes to defeat the luxurious 2021 Audi Q7? “That will give [manufacturers] comfort.”. But it is still adjustable.

Read next: Watch a Supercars race engine spew fire on dyno. GMC announced the return of the iconic nameplate as part of its big Super Bowl advertising push, promising a fully electric pickup with more than 1,000 horsepower on tap and the ability to hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.0 seconds. “Since 2013 and a bit prior, we were constantly through working commissions etcetera, on about the costs and got shot down because there are so many vested interests in the business,” Rogers adds.

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