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I think I’ll have to rewatch now too… . And anyway, Nova was like also kind of embarrassing us because she was yelling real loud.

I just yeah, I knew I was like, I’m going to buy the best house I can for the budget I have and the time of my life that I’m in right now, which is single and have no idea if I’ll get married. Elsie: Well, you went to like, actor school. It’s [email protected] And you can send us any question. Elsie: You’re right I should have said something more embarrassing. But I’m so bad at exterior stuff because I spend all my time inside of the house. Elsie: Yeah, same here. Please make more soon . Emma: Yeah. And it’s always super inspiring because she actually finishes every single one that she starts, which to me that’s like mind blowing because I have a tendency of not finishing things. What’s your renovation crime? I’m in the thick of a big, full house remodel while working full time and need some inspiration/distraction! Well, OK I do think that’s really hard.

But I’m not just making the goal be a good mom. We were like, okay, well really what we need to be doing is saving. Elsie: Oh, I really want to hold or foster a baby chimpanzee. But I think that if you’re going to flip you should respect the life of the house, especially if you’re doing an old house. She likes to get comments, real estate agent when she goes up or probably just have her own real estate empire.

Elsie: Yeah. We’re not ready for her to like boys and all of that stuff yet, right? I really don’t like it. I also knew I didn’t have any money to do major renovations. Thank you Patrice! Emma: Oh, yes. You don’t want to rush childhood. What’s yours? But there were also some things that I wanted to face that were kind of fears for me. Elsie: [00:25:46] Now you’re like, who cares?

Okay. I kept almost everything.

I’ve been a ABM blog reader for a number of years and am excited to follow you on this next venture too. sharing more on that here: https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/10/0047-just-do-it.html. To visit our shownotes, go to abeautifulmess.com/podcast. And I think we bought it for $233k? Last one: “Anticipation is the best part of life”. Emma: The one I haven’t accomplished yet, but I have it on my index card in the present tense, is the I want to write a work of fiction. We created this simple worksheet that you can download here. So I’m gonna call that my guilty pleasure for this week. If someone is, that’s great. And then the second thing is, I think everyone would agree with this one, just for the record, but I really don’t like it when I walk into a home and it has a whole bunch of different floors. I love to read, I love to read fiction.

Elsie: Yeah it’s definitely both, it’s magical for sure. It is around 5000 square feet.

Episode 1: Welcome To A Beautiful Mess Podcast. I have the deeper voice of the two of us you’ll notice *laughs*. So typical middle child stuff is kind of like, you feel a little bit overlooked, and you feel a little bit in competition with your siblings, both when you’re little and when you’re literally trying to get attention by talking or doing whatever, and then as you grow up, I felt anyway, that if my siblings had talents, I usually didn’t want to do those things too much because I felt like I was in competition with them. Emma: Yeah, I see that in you too. Real life has perfect, magical moments. So we started casually shopping last summer. Because in a few months, Shondaland’s Bridgerton will be on Netflix and when you read these books, you will know why you want to be streaming them. Congratulations and all the best for you both! So I never wanted to draw or get too much into that world. And it was a complete renovation. And we didn’t want to move before we adopted when we were matched. If you're planning to renovate a kitchen or bathroom in the future, you'll definitely want to give this episode a listen. Emma: I can try. Elsie: I mean I relate to being nervous when something’s like a big dream and really important to you, but I also think that most people have a book that they think they’re going to write or that they wish they would write and most people never do it. I love your podcasts!! It’s normal to take awhile. House shopping online.

100 days, relatively like you think a little over three months. The next time we’re gonna be house shopping is like, hey, no house is perfect. It’s a guilty pleasure. And I really like when they do really, really crappy houses. Anyway, you get it! Our youngest daughter is one and she’s learning to walk, and she walks back and forth between my husband and I about four feet. Ok. Our last segment is The Guilty Pleasure Treasure and mine this week is Facebook Marketplace. This makes our day. Then maybe people will actually do it, haha. Elsie: It took her like a year to figure out what her enneagram was.

I think I tried to, but I…Yeah.

I had issues with wanting to eat healthier, some financial goals…a couple of doctors appointments that I wanted to make sure and do, a parenting and then some exercise goals. We have one where we’re going to announce our next year’s AirBNB projects that we’re doing. It’s incredible. Because there are a lot of business things we want to talk about. Currently I just follower her on IG like any good internet fan. It was a big renovation that took three years and was the learning experience of a lifetime! She was the sweetest child in the whole world.

Emma: I’m not into it. We are also big fans of her planner, Get To Work Book. I love that, like today, we’re recording a podcast! OK! It’s just the novelty of paying for a house without getting a bank loan sounds awesome to me and I really want to do it. But usually it’s just sending things to other people and being like, you should buy this, because my house really is full right now and I’m not in the market for like a new bed or anything, but I’ve seen some amazing ones on there. congrats on this exciting leap! And if I’m being honest, I basically redesigned the whole house for 24 hours, like extensively — like I had this insane mood board on my computer going. And since then, we can’t find it online to stream again, so if anyone knows the show, I would love to rewatch it. It’s just gonna be a lot of cash. that I heard from you all was asking for more detail on exactly how I structured the challenge. So I was like, okay, maybe. Emma: Yeah, I usually like to do this thing I call “Hot Tub Yoga” — where I just stretch a lot in the hot tub if no one’s there…. Emma: Agree. And I think, like, I just kind of lowered my expectations. My favorite has been #2 Forever Homes, but they’re all great. I’ve also been doing this thing where I have those little notecards, like those little recipe cards — index cards!

Emma: She was right, though.

Emma: Elsie and our brother Doren are really good at drawing and they were when they were little and they still are.

Now, it’s political. I think so. The house and a lot of painting.

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