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So if we go over to effects and then I find the folder under King and then just grab color key, I dragged that filter over and then I go to effect controls. Now let's do the same thing for the green texture, and I want to line up the marker so it's the same a key frame on the other side. And then as I move along a little bit more, I wanted to get to Egypt. So they have this washed out look and So I added black and white. Now. So as we listen to this, I want to identify what those are here. Anyone can use it.

You could also animate that by adding in key frames and you could change it. And then if you just drag it over to the sequence timeline, this will be our background. Host: Gavin England, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adverity. I felt like there was too much color in that.

Now let's start by making a new title.

And when I get to the end here, I've got these lines that come in. So they call this an opacity handle. And if you want to see these, you could just goto premier drops dot com. And if I select this T up here. to Cairo, Egypt, 69 20 miles. Yes of course.

There are always new things to learn and this class can push you to be a very skilled video editor with Premiere Pro. COMMERCIALS: Chili's 1: all right. So for this one, there's a folder and it's trout MLB. And so if the key frame is all the way up to the top, then that means the entire video would be shown. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take out the first section, and I can use that since its unaltered. PREMIERE TEMPLATES: YouTube Color Graphic Swipes: All right, So Adobe has some pretty cool transitions. This is just a fashion tutorial, and I placed them over the video, and price, comfort and style has a check mark for each, so it's kind of a cool little animated piece that you can use. So just click over back to the project. So it has a fainted blue and there so you can see how it starts to come together here. Check out Adobe Commerce Cloud, which pairs the flexibility of Magento Commerce with the enterprise tools of Adobe Experience Cloud. So what you do is add your key frame to where you want it to be so right here and also to if you need to zoom in a little bit more to get more precise, go ahead and hit the slider tool down at the bottom, so that gives you a little bit more control as you add these dots and just a we'll keep frames in a short period of time. It's pretty close if you want to type it in again. And then I also wanted to be able to see through it. Try to stay away from that. So at the beginning of the video, it starts off the screen, and at the end of that movement it stays right where that square ends and let me trim off that title a little bit just to make it clean in the sequence.

Get details. Go further with your implementation, site design, and merchandising … 8. My background color. All right, so let's get started. It tells me it's going to be about two seconds and 21 frames. No, love is a two way street. The next layer want to add is the playing card. And then what I want to do is take out the background, the black color. We are in the jungle in New York City, a legendary spot. Can you i have a answer? So at this point in the video, it's cropped out at zero because the entire rectangle is now a square, and at this point in the video, it's at 33% and at this point it's 50% on the bottom.

So I'm gonna double click on my map here. So right now I've got this line at the top. You can fly them in on the screen and then, you know, place a title above and then have them fly off.

So I'm gonna make it pink, and I'm gonna grab circle to over to the video track to right above the white background. Now, once you've created that, if you look at this brush spacing, you want to get it down to that 0.1 so it connects those dots. I'm not going to get that exact color that they had, so I would have to go back in the photo shop and replace the color. The Chili's commercial has been stripped out completely with all of the layers. PREMIERE TEMPLATES: Make a YouTube Opener, 22. Now the trick is to animate that line at the same speed.

Let's say you don't like that black color in the background, so what you can do is grab color, replace and select your target color and your replace color and for this all. So if I toggle in the key frame right here at 7 68 4 32 then I go to the beginning of the video, I can move it to the left and then I go to the end of the video. But there's still a gap between me and the B over here on the text. And then you can also stack them. The partnership will …, Adobe has launched a design challenge, inviting UX designers to prototype their creative city map using Adobe XD. But we're not using this exact portion of the video.

All right, so we have 12 and three and we go back to the original And they have 12 and three now, number four, they've cut off the last letter. Somebody used my marker in and marker out point to just grab a section from the video, and I'm going to cover up those cuts notice. So they saying every single word that's on the screen and you just have to sink that up. So about right here in the middle, I had it scale up. Maybe that's a little bit too far. So we've got the Jeep logo and then the next frame, it moves closer and then closer than they cut it off.

1212 All right, Now let's go to our third image and see if we can add in effect there. So I'm just going to select the one that is the best that matches all the way through and delete the others. There you have the size of the brush with brush size. And then for this last part, the screen square comes in behind the title, and then we adjust the opacity level so we can see through it, and then we'll blow out the background using an effect

ANIMATION: Adding Animated Scribble Graphics: now included in this class are these animated scribble effects. Now, if you want to see what's there, you can always toggle the green mask. 25.

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