best travis mcgee novels

And if he is to involve his person in the personal lives of people, he must be properly compensated for any dangers he must inevitably deal with. A killer who knew something about stamps, and veen more abou  McGee. Travis McGee is having the time of his life--he's doing nothing but enjoying  Â. life on board the “Busted Flush,” entertaining all his friends in his best carefree manner! Salvage consultant. Copyright 1998-2019, Tush did not intend for his tiny plot to sit in the center of such an important parcel of land. Tush Bannlon was Travis McGee’s friend. The Deep Blue Good-By. But it wasn’t McGee’s heart  that was in danger...A syndicate killer had put a contract out on McGee.      The Quick Red Fox* (Fawcett Gold Medal, September 1964),       A Deadly Shade of Gold* (Fawcett Gold Medal, January 1965). As, it wasn't likely for Mary to just run away, McGee knows that there is something seriously, McGee was busy with his beloved houseboat, The” Busted Flush. Â. But do read them all. McGee began to check on them both.  Suddenly Travis began to appreciate what dangerous game he stalked. ..and  they got him, crushed him to hamburger, and walked away counting their change. When he got the letter from Pidge  McGee grabbed the first jet to Hawaii, and dried her tears. Anyway, that's what I want to believe. Travis follows some paper-thin leads, discards his identity, and infiltrates a terrorist camp sponsored by a cult. Â, Even so, McGee was not all that interested in them until a generously- endowed amazon named Mary  Alice McDermit made her grand entrance....She knew a helluva lot about rare stanmps , and  the ways to to a boat bum’s vulnerable heart. From his debut in 1964 with The Deep Blue Goodbye, to his final appearance in 1984's The Lonely Silver Rain, the tall, sandy-haired McGee appeared in twenty-one novels, each with a colour in the title, and remains one of the best, and most beloved private eyes of all time (even if he wasn't licensed, and at times acted more like Robin Hood than Philip Marlowe). The author of the infamous Jack Reacher book series. McGee used to say that people who become legends in their own time usually have little time left.Â. MacDonald's concerns over the ecological rape of Florida and his disgust for the greedy, corrupt forces that are drive it are reflected in Geoffrey Norman's Morgan Hunt, James Hall's Thorn, John Lutz's Carver and Carl Hiassen's crazed desparadoes and lost rescuers. Take that young woman, McGee, and file her under TTF...try to forget. McGee would need all his cool, all his insight, to live up to the estimate of the rich and beautiful  woman who perhaps held the key to the puzzle.  McGee follows a trail of broken relationships and torn-apart lives while working for Lysa Dean, and the journey is typical of MacDonald’s insight into modern life. -- Travis in Bright Orange for a Shroud (1965), -- George Pelecanos, author of Right As Rain, on Rara Avis, April 2001, -- Carl Hiaasen ponders McGee's current whereabouts, -- J. Michael Blue, in his novel Justified Crimes. McGee dives overboard and is able to rescue the woman-despite the fact that herfeet are wired to a cement block. Like Rum Punch, John D’s first Travis McGee adventure isn’t a Miami novel, per se, but it is Miami-adjacent, and is so hugely essential to any Miami or South Florida reading list, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it. (Originally named Dallas McGee, the name of MacDonald's hero was changed after President Kennedy's assassination. A series was never developed from this sorry mess. #. The Deep Blue Goodbye* (Fawcett Gold Medal , April 1964) Covering a period of time between July 24, and November, 1962. But something interesting happened along the way for Leonard, and his evolution from hardboiled Detroit street poet to chronicler of Florida Weird is a sight to see. Retirement days should be taken early and often. He cannot believe his friend is guilty. His westerns and Detroit-set crime novels are required reading. Travis’s fees are so high because he knows how dangerous the business gets. When Travis McGee’s friend Meyer lent his boat to his niece, Norma, and her new husband Evan, he never dreamed he was signing their death warrant. Characters like Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan, George Pelecanos’s Nick Stefanos, Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro, Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder, to name a few.

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