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Chris Pratt Voted 'Worst Chris' in Hollywood Because of His Politics?

We may earn a commission from these links. Which he was. All of that is to say, when Dan Rather sounds the alarm, you know we’ve reached a critical historical moment. ESQUIRE: Do you have any misgivings about continuing to use Facebook, given the questions around the site’s allowing misinformation in the name of free speech? Overly exaggerated bullshit! The result it has spat out — DEMOCRATS HAVE A TWO-IN-THREE CHANCE OF WINNING THE UPPER CHAMBER — SEEMED ON THE HIGH SIDE TO ME WHEN I FIRST SAW IT.

The press was supposed to be only local friendlies, but Rather, the CBS White House correspondent at the time, was there. And I said, You tend to your news-gathering and I’ll tend to my diet.

Going to work for Cuban was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”, “Dan has touched every important moment in the lives of GenX and Boomers,” Cuban says. Copyright © Townhall.com/Salem Media. But the filibuster strikes me as one too many. The president’s offensiveness to black voters, combined with Mr Biden’s own limitations as a campaigner, have made it hard for the challenger to make a positive case for himself.

But I would say that anybody who looks into it knows at this point that what we reported was true. Losing an election could mean losing in a court of law. When the laughter died down, Rather replied, “No, sir, Mr. President. USA will survive but damage limitation is way Two examples: When I first started covering the civil-rights movement, I was unprepared. “If Elon Musk’s Neuralink could search Dan’s memory, the output would put Google searches to shame.

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( Log Out /  Stunning. Would I have liked it to turn out a different way?

Now they want us to believe that they don't approve of him again? I do remember when the decision was made to bring the late Ed Bradley onto 60 Minutes as a correspondent, I’m not sure the decision would have been made if I hadn’t been moving to the evening news. One of Rather’s first assignments for CBS News in the early 1960s was to cover the civil-rights movement in the South. I like it because it was my father’s favorite word. It could mean prison time and ruin. Whitmer Just Threaten Our President? But I remain heartened that the majority of Americans do not want this. That way you don’t get hurt. ESQUIRE: That was the last time you spoke with him? That, just give me a chance with a potential customer and I can sell it. NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support Trump Declaring ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization? I wanted to give him a voice.”, Later, Cuban convinced Rather to host a show called The Big Interview, in which Rather interviewed mostly musicians of a certain age—Steve Perry, Ricky Skaggs, Joan Baez, Robert Plant, Neil Young, Dickey Betts. Which was the last conversation of any sort that I had with him.

RATHER [continued]: For a long time, it just seemed the movement toward any progress on civil rights was so tiny as to be barely perceptible. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I remember being embarrassed and sort of saying, I don’t think so. No.

All of these were scary times, but through it all I never worried about a president actively undermining American democracy and inciting violence to do so—even Nixon, for all of his criminal activity. AND COVID-19 IS A LOT. In the case of women having the right to vote, that didn't happen magically. He never liked Teleprompters, and his ability to speak in measured sentences that accumulate, building thought by careful thought, into a cohesive, hard-won, and often surprising synthesis, remains intact. Republicans tend to ascribe it to leftist identity politics; it is more a defensive measure against a majority-white party that has often sought to repress their voting rights.

Dan Rather. Recently, President Trump again refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election when directly asked if he would—yet another democratic norm being toppled. ( Log Out /  And our bigger mistakes were after the piece had played, we didn’t defend it effectively. NYTs Tries Desperate Anti-Trump Hit to Distract From Hunter Biden, Makes Things Worse, Hunter associate emails: Let’s profit off our “direct administration pipeline”, CCPA - Do not sell my personal information, Sigh: Dan Rather, Hillary Clinton, Other 'Progressives' Painfully Ignorant on Originalism. In 2016, Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, was denied a vote in the Senate by Mitch McConnell some nine months before the election. These are the desperate attempts of a left wing hack who is amongst a profession of political activists who are currently fleeing like cockroaches from the spotlight Trump has shown on their crooked, manufactured reporting. Otherwise why are you doing your work? He combines that lifetime of experience and perspective with an eloquence that hearkens to a time when eloquence mattered, he called us to our common American ideals with his book “What Unites Us,” and he comforts many of is with his repeated message to stay “steady” through the turmoil the U.S. has been experiencing. This is a moment of reckoning unlike any I have seen in my lifetime. But there aren’t nearly as many in the high decision-making positions. You mean the rats who initially spoke out against Trump during the last campaign then turned around, kissed his rear and enabled him these past four years? He considers little if any about 200,000 plus deaths from COVID. I don’t know. Rather, who will turn 89 on Halloween, has been an unlikely commentator on this mess of a year, employing social media to call out President Trump on his calamitous leadership and to offer hope that things can get better. And here's one of the late Justice Scalia's sons urging Rather (with a reference to this) to make some effort to educate himself: For those of you under the impression that Kenneth here knows the frequency: originalists don’t believe the Constitution should never change; they just realize it’s not judges but citizens through their representatives who should make those changes.
But we adapt to change quicker than anybody on the record in the last probably 200 years. If we get our stuff together, if we get united on the big things, the core values, that we can overcome that damage. Some of the world pities us, and some of the world is laughing at us. ESQUIRE: The campaign is getting dirty—which doesn’t seem to be Biden’s nature. In the past, America’s shipbuilding targets have featured only traditional warships — complete with sailors. All women and men of conscience must speak or they are complicit in America lurching towards a dangerous cliff of autocracy and chaos. I have seen this country in deep peril, as the hungry begged for sustenance during the Great Depression, as the Nazis marched across Europe and the Japanese across Asia, as missiles were moved into Cuba, as our political leaders were murdered, as a president ran a criminal conspiracy from the Oval Office, as planes were hijacked into skyscrapers.

Former Vice President Biden has a lot of attributes that will stand him well in the campaign, but he is not a stand-toe-to-toe slugger. FEAR of being shot while watching TV in your house.” AS AN INDICATOR OF LIKELY BLACK TURNOUT, ENTHUSIASM FOR THE CANDIDATE MAY BE OVERRATED. There were proven technical and even journalistic flaws in the evidence Rather’s team found—but no one questioned the truth of what they were saying.

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