deneb algedi temperature

Dabih is a A5:N multiple star system based on the spectral type that was recorded in the Hipparcos star catalogue. Thanks to its high brightness, Deneb Algedi is clearly visible when observed from locations with dark skyes, and should be also quite easily visible from light polluted areas. In the western hemisphere, it came to be called "Deneb Algedi (or Algiedi)" for the tail of the goat (Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889: page 141) as well as Scheddi or Sheddi (which also used for Gamma Capricorni). Dabih Facts. With an estimated temperature of 8,525 K, it is 196,000 times more luminous than the Sun. The star is a fascinating, confusing wonder, and astronomers seem unsure of just how to classify it. It is a white star with a temperature of 7700 Kelvin, placing it (like Vega) among the "A star" class. It is the brightest star in Cygnus and the 19th brightest star in the night sky, with an average apparent magnitude of +1.25. The traditional name Deneb Algedi comes from the Arabic term ذنب الجدي (ðanab al-jady) which […]

As a result of strong stellar … Deneb is a blue-white supergiant of the spectral type A2 Ia. 71SharesDeneb Algedi at 23°33′ Aquarius has an orb of 1°40′ The Sun joins Deneb Algedi on February 12 Fixed star Deneb Algedi, Delta Capricorni, is a 2.8 magnitude binary star system in the Tail of the Sea Goat, Capricornus Constellation. However its distance, and hence luminosity, is poorly known; its luminosity is somewhere between 55,000 and 196,000 times that … Located about 39 light years away close to the ecliptic, Deneb Algedi is … A blue-white supergiant, Deneb rivals Rigel as the most luminous first magnitude star. Deneb Algedi, also designated as δ Capricorni (delta Capricorni), is a variable and multiple star in the constellation of Capricornus. Deneb is a first-magnitude star in the constellation of Cygnus, the swan. ; Based on the spectral type (A5:n) of the star, the star's colour is blue - white . It is 19 times more massive than the Sun and has expanded to a size of 203 solar radii. Deneb is one of the vertices of the asterism known as the Summer Triangle and the "head" of the Northern Cross. Dabih is a main star in the constellation Capricornus and makes up the constellation outline. Deneb Algedi visual magnitude is 2.87. Dabih is a Multiple Star System type star. Deneb Algedi is a mid-third magnitude (2.87) star 39 light years away, from which we calculate a luminosity 8.5 times that of the Sun. Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni) is a binary system in the zodiac constellation Capricornus which has a combined apparent magnitude of +2.81, making it the brightest star in the constellation.

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