drawing in adobe dimension

is it because im on a Mac and your might be on a PC? so i tried copying the above code again, and saving it into the script. using the Search in the Adobe installer sends you to their website with a Ne results. myDocument.defaultFillColor = cutterSwatch.color; myDocument.defaultStrokeColor = cutterSwatch.color; // Create White Color Object for Measurement Boxes. The results should match the page size:

I've been using Ill and PS for 20 years so I should know this stuff, but I'm really beginning to feel like i am a noob here. Choose from standard metric, imperial and printing measurement units.

We've just sent you an email to . Go figure, I'll give it a try once it's done installing, Thank you Larry for you help and patients.

Then changed the extension and run the script.

All of your ideas without support will be deleted. Ex Tax: $39.50 USD. Copy and paste the text from above into the Extendscript window. Set default swatch to black so that you guys don't need to create a "cutter" swatch. Try Applications/Adobe Illustrator/Presets/en_US/Scripts.Then restart AI and access the script from File>Scripts. That is the best solution I have seen! It should be available to use. You must create a color swatch (make any color you like) called "Cutter" or "cutter". when i tried that it said the code was uncompiled. Drawing dimensions do not change or control features or part size. Create horizontal and vertical dimensions with the click of a button. Can you tell me how to convert/ edit the file? On safari mac the link shows. Do NOT ask me how to change the measurement dimensions to a different unit like inches or feet.

yText.characters.characterAttributes.fillColor = cutterSwatch.color; for(i = 0; i < activeDocument.layers.length; i++){, if(activeDocument.layers.name == "Measurements"){, mLayer = activeDocument.activeLayer = activeDocument.layers; // not using var to declare makes it global, mLayer = myDocument.layers.add();// not using var to declare makes it global, for(i = 0; i < activeDocument.layers.length; i++) {, if(activeDocument.layers.name == "Source4Measure") {. For those looking for a Dimensions Tool, go here to download a working link: PRODUCTION-AddDimensions.jsx. Does Illustrator have a tool to quickly put measurements on a drawing so my customer can get an idea of how large there sign is? This will add measurement marks and dimensions to any selected item. 2. Convert any straight line to a dimension line, combined with illustrators smart guides, this is a quick and powerful way to add dimension lines to any artwork.

You'll have to do more editing to the jsx file to account for the conversion. Dimensions PowerScript for Adobe Illustrator, Dimension+ Package here which includes 7 PowerScripts, Designers Script Package (includes 19 PowerScripts) for Adobe Illustrator, Printers Script Package (includes 33 PowerScripts) for Adobe Illustrator, Dimension+ Script Package (includes 7 PowerScripts) for Adobe Illustrator, Production Script Package (includes 24 PowerScripts) for Adobe Illustrator. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, but i get the pop up Please Create Cutter Swatch. If we have a choice, we prefer a longer dimension over a short one, because it gives us a little bit more precision. I've had so many problems copying scripts on this forum as the editor puts in stupid breaks and gaps and I have to search them out and fix. Mike, i am not too script savvy but would love to use your dimensioning script. Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.01.42 PM.jpg. First find the Extendscript Toolkit which is installed by Adobe.

Very clever. (Have a window open in AI with a simple object.)

Has anyone tried Doug Habbens' plugin mentioned above? Anders O Blomberg and Gary Newman's comments below are right on target. can a shortcut key be assigned?

All rights reserved. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. So simple. Drawing/Creating 3D objects from scratch is an alchemy, but I can imagine it being doable in Dimensions. At least I don't see the ? activeDocument.activeLayer = activeDocument.layers; OK Based on TinyWeenie's code for dimensioning in inches script for adobe illustrator, I tweaked it a bit and did the following CHANGES: 1. Give the new page size a name; Set the dimensions of the new page size and click Add/Modigy. So I tried the Minify thing. item above (a workaround to allow downloading scripts), and then change the .jpg to .jsx for a script. Hope noone at Adobe objects to providing file links this way. I downloaded that script for long time ago and I am very happy about it.

because this is what I used, I looked in /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 as well but nothing in there. var selectedObject = myDocument.selection; var activeLayer = app.activeDocument.activeLayer; var myBounds = selectedObject[0].geometricBounds; var ptHeight = myBounds[1] - myBounds[3]; var swatchesLength = origSwatches.length; if (origSwatches.name == "cutter" || origSwatches.name == "Cutter") {, // Lock the active layer to prevent colour change. http://projectfelix.uservoice.com/forums/552559/suggestions/17438968, http://projectfelix.uservoice.com/forums/552559/suggestions/17417557, http://projectfelix.uservoice.com/forums/552559/suggestions/17434834, http://projectfelix.uservoice.com/forums/552559/suggestions/17442352, http://projectfelix.uservoice.com/forums/552559/suggestions/17441719, UserVoice Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Drawing dimensions are dimensions that you add in the drawing to further document the model. xText.characters.characterAttributes.fillColor = cutterSwatch.color; var yBox = yMeasure.pathItems.rectangle (yCentre + 30, x2 + 26, 20, 60); yText.rotate (-90); //, true, false, false, false, Transformation.CENTER); yText.paragraphs[0].paragraphAttributes.justification = Justification.CENTER; for (i=0;i

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