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[4] Auf eine Einladung Percy Thompsons hin begleitete er im Juni 1921 die Thompsons und Ediths jüngere Schwester Avis bei einem Urlaub auf der Isle of Wight. She must have masterminded it because she was a successful business-woman in London, whereas the much younger Bywaters was a mere merchant sailor. Dezember 1893; † 9. [6][12] Bywaters und Thompson legten Berufung ein, die jedoch am 21. The judge failed to set the records straight in a summing up that was notoriously unfair to Mrs. Thompson. Bernard Spilsbury’s postmortem report on Percy Thompson. The home of Edith and Percy Thompson: Auction, September 1923, A complete transcript of the trial in December 1922, with corrections. A million people signed the petition for the reprieve of Edith Thompson and Freddy Bywaters, particularly for his sake, as he had become something of a hero during the trial for his loyalty to her. A young prisoner, who had not been in for more than a week, asked me one day if ‘what they said’ was true. Januar 1923 um 9 Uhr morgens am Galgen hingerichtet, er in Pentonville, sie im Holloway Prison. [15], Seite über Thompson sowie eine dramatisierte Beschreibung ihrer Hinrichtung, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edith_Thompson&oldid=198310445, Hingerichtete Person (Vereinigtes Königreich), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Thompson, Edith Jessie (vollständiger Name), britische Staatsbürgerin, hingerichtet wegen Beihilfe zum Mord.

The case against her was weak in law from the outset and the judgment passed down in December 1922 at the Old Bailey is now seen almost universally as unjust as it was gender-biased. It is reproduced here with his permission.

One Little Hour: a screenplay by Philip Horne and René Weis, ‘The Case For and Against a Reprieve’, by James Douglas, editor of the Sunday Express and and eye-witness at the trial, A Guest of His Majesty: A Month in Holloway Gaol, 1909. The proceedings opened on 6 December 1922. But there is no mistaking the shape of that little group of evergreens, and every prisoner knows what lies beneath it. After the executions at Holloway and Pentonville, Wallace wrote: Never in our history has there been so terrible a miscarriage of justice, or a verdict based so little upon evidence and so much upon prejudice, as that which sent Edith Thompson to that filthy scene in Holloway Gaol. On 22 November 2018, Edith Thompson was reburied in the grave of her parents in the City of London Cemetery. An updated and illustrated version of the 2001 Penguin edition of Criminal Justice, The True Story of Edith Thompson, by René Weis. Occasionally I return to East Ham and Ilford, mostly to show friends where Edith Thompson grew up, her school, the church she was married in, her house in Ilford, the parks nearby, the station through which she commuted, even her bank. If confirmation were needed that it was her perceived immorality that brought her to perdition, it is provided by the foreman of her jury. [12] 1923 quittierte er den Dienst, 1932 war ein weiterer Selbsttötungsversuch erfolgreich. [2][4][5][6], Bywaters und Edith Thompson setzten daraufhin ihre Beziehung fort, indem sie sich heimlich trafen, wenn Bywaters nicht auf See war. Edith was 29 when she died, her lover only 20. The bestselling author and journalist Edgar Wallace was invited to cover the trial in December 1922: ‘I refused the commission. [9], Der Fall Edith Thompson, ihre Verurteilung zum Tode ohne nachgewiesene Tatbeteiligung sowie die Umstände ihrer Hinrichtung waren auch noch Jahre später Anlass heftiger Diskussionen. …  If ever in the history of this country a woman was hanged by the sheer prejudice of the uninformed public, and without the slightest modicum of evidence to justify the hanging, that woman was Edith Thompson. Gayle Hunnicutt spielte Edith Thompson 1981 in einer Folge der britischen Serie The Lady Killers, in der der Fall Bywaters/Thompson thematisiert wird. All materials and images on this site marked © René Weis are free to download for private use and research. 'Extraordinarily gripping: by turns titillating, moving, shocking, and in its final pages, producing feelings of sickened revulsion in this reader' TLS. [6][9][12] Die Möglichkeit einer Schwangerschaft und durch die Hinrichtung ausgelösten Fehlgeburt wurden diskutiert. [7] Während seiner Seefahrten schrieben sie sich Briefe, die während des Prozesses eine wichtige Rolle für die Beweisführung der Anklage spielen sollten. (Edgar Wallace, ‘The Murder of Mrs Thompson’). [6][10] Edith Thompson schrie um Hilfe, ein herbeigeeilter Arzt konnte aber dem schwer verletzten Percy Thompson nicht mehr helfen, er verstarb noch am Schauplatz des Überfalls. There is no stone, or mark, on her grave. On 9th January 1923, Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters were hanged in London, she at Holloway, and he at Pentonville. In einem der Briefe beschrieb Edith Thompson, dass sie ihrem Mann Gift und gemahlenes Glas ins Essen gemischt habe. But there was no colourable evidence to connect Edith Thompson to the crime. It is in the shape of a grave. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 31.

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