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As elsewhere in his work, in this composition Schiele combines the personal and the allegorical—in this case by turning to a theme deriving from the medieval concept of the Dance of Death that reached its height in 15th-century German art.

Austrian painter Egon Schiele was an important figurative painter during the early years of the 20th century. Despite Schiele's family connections in Krumau, he and his lover were driven out of the town by the residents, who strongly disapproved of their lifestyle, including his alleged employment of the town's teenage girls as models. Schiele was born in 1890 in Tulln, Lower Austria.

The New York Times / Once free of the constraints of the Academy's conventions, Schiele began to explore not only the human form, but also human sexuality.

In this painting, one of Schiele's most complex and haunting works, the female figure, gaunt and tattered, clings to the male figure of death, while surrounded by an equally tattered, quasi-surreal landscape.

Oil on canvas - The Neue Galerie, New York, Content compiled and written by Justin Wolf, Edited and published by The Art Story Contributors. Egon Schiele (German: [ˈʃiːlə] ( listen); 12 June 1890 – 31 October 1918) was an Austrian painter.

[citation needed] At the time, many[who?] Since 1915, Schiele's female nudes became fuller in figure, but many were deliberately illustrated with a lifeless doll-like appearance. Painted when Gerti was a teenager, this early portrait demonstrates both the strong stylistic link between Schiele's work and that of Klimt, as well as the shift away from the style of his mentor.

When his case was brought before a judge, the charges of seduction and abduction were dropped, but the artist was found guilty of exhibiting erotic drawings in a place accessible to children. They were allowed by Schiele's commanding officer to see each other occasionally. When Schiele was 15 years old, his father died from syphilis, and he became a ward of his maternal uncle, Leopold Czihaczek, also a railway official. When Schiele was 14 years old, his father died from syphilis, and he became a ward of his maternal uncle, Leopold Czihaczek, also a railway official. Egon Schiele (German: [ˈʃiːlə] (listen); 12 June 1890 – 31 October 1918) was an Austrian painter.

In the autumn of 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic that claimed more than 20,000,000 lives in Europe reached Vienna. His work is noted for its intensity and its raw sexuality, and the many self-portraits the artist produced, including nude self-portraits. His work is noted for its intensity and its raw sexuality, and the many self-portraits the artist produced, including naked self-portraits. Art is primordially eternal. Exhibited in Munich in 1912 alongside work by a number of other Expressionist artists, the painting has a companion portrait depicting his lover at the time, Wally Neuzil (the Wally portrait was stolen by the Nazis from the home of a Jewish Austrian, only to be returned to Vienna in 2010 following a prolonged, twelve-year legal battle). The museum sold one of these, Houses With Colorful Laundry (Suburb II), for $40.1 million at Sotheby's in 2011. In his many self-portraits, Schiele is typically nude and staring directly towards the viewer, making the works both revealing and confrontational. A precociously gifted artist, Schiele had revealed his talent as an adolescent by sketching his younger sister in the nude, much to his parents’ horror. Although he wanted Schiele to follow in his footsteps, and was distressed at his lack of interest in academia, he recognised Schiele's talent for drawing and unenthusiastically allowed him a tutor; the artist Ludwig Karl Strauch. This unconventional piece and style went against strict academia and created a sexual uproar with its contorted lines and heavy display of figurative expression. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele's paintings and drawings mark the artist as an early exponent of Expressionism. [1][2] As a child, Schiele was fascinated by trains, and would spend many hours drawing them, to the point where his father felt obliged to destroy his sketchbooks. Black chalk, watercolor and gouache on paper - Leopold Museum, Vienna.

Schiele had fifty works accepted for this exhibition, and they were displayed in the main hall. Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel features a painting by Rich Pellegrino that is modeled after Schiele's style which, as part of a theft, replaces a so-called Flemish/Renaissance masterpiece, but is then destroyed by the angry owner when he discovers the deception.

[20], Julia Jordan based her 1999 play Tatjana in Color, which was produced off-Broadway at The Culture Project during the fall of 2003, on a fictionalization of the relationship between Shiele and the 12-year-old Tatjana von Mossig, the Neulengbach girl whose morals he was ultimately convicted of corrupting for allowing her to see his paintings. Through the setting up of the Egon Schiele Art Centrum in November 1993 Schiele returned to Český Krumlov. October 21, 2005, Art historian Ilene Fekete, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, discusses Schiele's work. Fashion Designed Isabella Tonchi creates dresses based on motifs by Egon Schiele. They were a middle-class family and Protestant by faith; their father was a master locksmith. But unlike the Klimtian predecessor, the image is not so much decorative as static and soft, as if Schiele were casting his sitter in clay. With his signature graphic style, embrace of figural distortion, and bold defiance of conventional norms of beauty, Egon Schiele was one of the leading figures of Austrian Expressionism. [14], Some critics such as Jane Kallir have commented upon Schiele's work as being grotesque, erotic, pornographic, or disturbing, focusing on sex, death, and discovery. Schiele often used color sparingly, his work identifiable instead by his characteristic sinuous black line.

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