emotionally needy friend

She gets louder and louder,and angrier and angrier by the moment (she is probably bio-polar) It is exhausting and embarrassing to me. When she needed a new car, she was desperate. However, I made the terrible mistake of moving in with such a friend! Thanks for sharing your story.

Over time I struggled with feeling close to her, in that, she didn't seem needy at first, she seemed quite the opposite actually. We all long to be understood, supported, loved, and accepted, and it's ok to feel this way. When I first read the suggestion, I thought it would be great to get the needy people who latch into me to get together so I can go in peace without feeling pity for them. This simple act of politeness, soon led to me being the receipient of a shower of text messages, instant messages and emails from this person throughout the workday, evening and even on weekends! I recently was in a similar situation. If it gets to the point where you feel used, drained, and taken advantage of, take a step back.

Well, OK, maybe "The Giving Tree." Good friends act as sounding boards for each other—issues bounce back and forth; they are not absorbed.

Before I knew it, she was coming to study in my country (which is on the other side of the world!) As a particularly sensitive person who (admittedly) worries WAY TOO MUCh about other's feelings and takes responsibility for them all the time, this makes me paranoid. It will help you take your mind away from the drama associated with dealing with a clingy personality. I am at the end of my rope.

), but I dread this because I wanted to take an absence today, and I FELT GUILTY ABOUT IT because she would have no one to walk to the train with. Go to a movie? Explain that you just can’t play that role anymore. Here are some suggestions: 1. She used to be a model, but has since gained weight and I think tries to belittle other people to make herself feel better(disguised as honesty). Optimal Emotional Wellness: Why Isn’t Everyone Experiencing It? 6. The anxiety, the abandonment issue, the lack of respect for my time... for God's sake! I loved this article and I appreciated the dilemmas posted by the other people.

But how I feel lately is that I just want people to leave me alone altogether, my relationships are not rewarding for me right now.

If you're feeling burdened by a friend, your other friendships will fortify you with the patience to manage this one, Levine says. As days and weeks go by, subtly start withdrawing your presence and let the two new besties deal with each others' needy ways. She got just fired from her job after being warned over and over again for tardiness. Mad at myself that everyone else “got it” before I did. Angry that I trusted someone incapable of being trustworthy. Supporting a friend means giving them a hand up, not a hand out.

Any advice?

Be careful to keep coming around during the good times too so your friend doesn't only associate you with bad experiences and start to dislike you. But as I type this, I realize how sorry these words are. I'm not even sure what I'm trying to get out of typing all this. Well, she did. She does alot for me. If she was suffocating me from the other side of the world, what would she be like in my own country?! 9) Let your needy friend know about your busy schedule: Being upfront about your priorities. 15 mins is not going to cut it with her! As long as you don't have a severe mental illness these two areas can be worked on safely without therapy, but if you do have a mental illness I highly suggest doing boundary and self-esteem work with a therapist since deeper and unresolved issues can surface while working on self-esteem and boundaries.

I would have to drag every word out of her. If you don't set boundaries, even when it's hard, you will continue to be stuck in unhealthy relationships. Frequently, if I didn't reply within a couple of weeks, she would email me asking if she'd done something wrong. By helping them feel good about the hard work they put in to be happier and independent, you'll be helping to keep them motivated to continue along the same path. But.....as I got busier [im a hockey mom !] This drove me nuts as she should know better as she had a large family too. This will make you unavailable for the next couple of months. It caused me anxiety to be around someone who shared and spoke so little, and when she did speak it didn't seem very authentic or personal. And what if, as is often the case, you don't realize it? I'm not sure if you should allow him to return after Christmas once you've gotten him out of the house. For example one time i was with a friend (she knew this..had texted me and my other friend and my boyfriend to know where we were) after an hour of hanging out with my other friend i texted her to invite her to watch a movie with us. You are probably a very good listener and want to be a good friend—you want to be supportive of whatever your friend is going through. If you are wondering whether or not you are saddled with an emotionally needy friend, consider the following questions: 1. My needy friend is nice, but she is also self-absorbed and insecure. The friend will slowly but surely start to associate you with negative emotion and want to spend a little less time with you. I didn't feel like talking so much about looks anyway, but it seemed like she wanted me to reciprocate the same level of flattery to her, as a cheap compliment, to assuage her insecurities. Are you helping your friend more than they help you? She has a low self esteem and lack of confidence, among other things. I'm not a reckless person, but I do not search for this kind of worry and found that annoying. If your friend is always turning to you for money or a favor? My husband says I am always to soft hearted. Can you try me before dinner?" Of course there's more to liking than just this pairing of pleasant stimuli with a person, but it can generate powerful feelings, either good or bad, toward you. I talk to her about the situation, she apologies, but the cycle continues. She chose to believe it wasn't because of her. Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. HELP PLEASE! She says this is because she cares about people and wants to check up on them. I finally had to kick her out, I felt so bad but relieved at the same time! I feel like I'm starting to get my own life and identity back. Oh, I know I sound like an old biddy and an awful person. I feel anger too.. Anger towards her. But she guilted me(MY FAULT I KNOW) into taking care of food and medication for her son because she is away again. Can I set my needy friend up with your needy friend? Any luck divesting yourself of the relationship or remedying it?

If you are always putting yourself in your friend's …

Do you feel guilty when you say no?9. We moved into a new place, and everything had to be her way.. even tho the house was in my name.

If I haven't spoken to her in a while, I know she's mad at me, I know she's "hurt", she feels like I don't care, she's probably saying bad things about me to other people and I know I'll have to do all the work to get back onto her "good side" even though I never really did anything but not call for a while, because I've been busy - which she can't understand.

2. Is a friend even a friend if they don’t fill you all the way up?

Does your roommate have other interests and other friends? A good friendship is honest, loyal, and truthful; good friends understand and accept each other in ways no one else can. She has gathered more animals , therefore, making it harder for her find a in a safer neighborhood. He has both mental and physical health problems due to her neglect and is now in his teens, into drugs/sex(safe or unsafe?) Alot of the things that she expresses to me that bother her are things I coudl see myslef doing without thinking it rude or bothersome.

That was actually really helpful! I was in almost the exact situation.

She honed in on me. Other than that I spend a great deal of my time doing other things, but I often feel a tinge of guilt.

I always attract PRATTS!!! I see my friend almost daily at university (lots of mutual friends), and it's been a rough few months establishing a new 'pattern'.

She just needs a lot of attention and has deep insecurities that she needs to work out.

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