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In 2013, Steaua won its 24th national title, and also subsequently reached the 2013–14 UEFA Champions League group stage. Internationally, they have won the European Cup and European Super Cup, both in 1986. The local sports newspapers said that the two teams were linked up in this quarter-final by the line of the number 41 tram which links the Ghencea Stadium to the Valentin Stănescu Stadium. AISS was formed as a legal entity with its stated goals of "protecting the interests and image of Steaua supporters", as well as "identifying and promoting the club's perennial values".

According to it, CSA Steaua would be the rightful entity to assert the honors up until 2003, however, the decision is not definitive.[26]. ", "Conducatorii vor plati cu averea datoriile cluburilor", "Suporterii echipei Steaua au protestat impotriva patronului clubului", "From racism and homophobia to peace and religion: Is Gigi Becali really a changed man? [20] The Supreme Court found in the army's favour, and on 3 December 2014 stripped the football club of its badge. 120.000 de oameni au ales: FCSB (Steaua) sau CSA (Steaua)! However, the ruling is not definitive. [20] A new badge was unveiled in January 2015, an eight-sided star containing the letters "FCSB", which would eventually become the official name of the club in 2017. However, an online poll conducted by Sport.ro in 2017 has shown that of the 120,000 voters, 95% consider FCSB to hold the real Steaua identity. Noul stadion Steaua continuă să nască dispute și asta se întâmplă pentru că există FCSB și Steaua, iar problema este departe de a se fi soluționat. [54], George "Gigi" Becali is a highly controversial figure at FCSB, whose involvement in the life of the club and the team has often been described as authoritarian and dictatorial by both the media and the fans.

Milder and historical rivalries are also with non-Bucharest-based teams, such as CFR Cluj, Universitatea Craiova, Politehnica Timișoara, Petrolul Ploiești, Universitatea Cluj and a recent one with Astra Giurgiu. [4], In 1949, CSCA won its first trophy, the Cupa României, defeating CSU Cluj 2–1 in the final. REZULTATELE SONDAJULUI", "Armatele de fanatici din spatele fotbalului", Steaua Bucharest display sabotaged by Dinamo Bucharest fans, "Lista completa cu derbyurile campionatului", "Gigi Becali si-a vandut toate actiunile de la Steaua nepotilor sai", "Mondenii – episodul 1 – secventa cu Gigi Becali si Banel Nicolita cu Gigi Becali de Mondenii", "Liga 1 Betano: Cifrele vicecampioanei FCSB", "S-a stins Steaua lui Gigi Becali. Ce urmează pentru FCSB", "Steaua Bucharest reveal 'Clip Art' logo after being stripped of their name, colours and emblem", "Steaua are din nou un sponsor pe tricou. Stadium The National Arena is the stadium used by FCSB, the Romanian national team and it also hosts the Romanian Cup Final and the Romanian Super Cup every year.

[65][66][67] In July 2019, CSA Steaua won a first court decision regarding the record dispute. Throughout their history, the Roș-albaștrii also played the final of the Intercontinental Cup, the quarter-finals of the European Cup Winners' Cup and the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. The second-most important rivalry was with Rapid București, often called Bucharest derby. The 2002 Romanian film Furia depicts scenes in which Steaua and Dinamo gangs of supporters are fighting on the streets after a direct match between the two sides.

Arena Arcul de Triumf va putea găzdui evenimente sportive de la începutul lunii octombrie. Opened in 1931, the venue had previously been in the property of Venus București, a club disbanded in 1949.

[44], Steaua's Peluza Nord and Peluza Sud fan groups no longer support the current team, as a sign of protest.

Cu o capacitate de 55.600 de spectatori, este cel mai mare stadion din țară și primul stadion de elită UEFA din România. This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 15:20. The group quickly reached an impressive number of members, but, in 2001, they dissolved due to internal problems. A survey conducted in June 2007 suggested that the club accounts for approximately 42% of all Romanian football lovers, far greater than the teams ranked second and third, Dinamo București, with 12%, and Rapid București, with 9%.[40]. ASA București (Asociația Sportivă a Armatei București – "Army Sports Association") was founded on 7 June 1947 at the initiative of several officers of the Romanian Royal House. Steaua played the first three matches in its history at the defunct Venus stadium. The next season, Steaua reached the UEFA Cup semi-finals in 2005–06, where it was eliminated by Middlesbrough thanks to a last-minute goal.

From 1974 to 2015, Steaua played its home matches at the Stadionul Ghencea, a football stadium situated in South-Western Bucharest. [35] After a second renovation in 2006,[36] Ghencea was able to host UEFA Champions League events, being a 'Category 3' arena according to the UEFA classification system. Recently, some kits have begun reintegrating the yellow color.

Being inspired by the Red Army, the new Ministry of Defence decided to create a crest for the club, along with the change of name to CSCA, consisting in an A-labeled red star (symbol of the Red Army) on a blue disc. The football department, however, separated and turned private in 1998, owned and financed by a non-profit organization called AFC Steaua București, chaired by businessman Viorel Păunescu.

Under the name of CCA, the club managed to win three Championship titles in a row in 1951, 1952 and 1953, along with its first Championship–Cup double in 1951.

Also, The National Arena will host 4 games at UEFA EURO 2020, that will take place in June 2020.

The Steaua Ultras movement began in 1995, when the bases of Armata Ultra (AU), the first Ultras group from Bucharest (and second in Romania after Politehnica Timișoara's Commando Viola Ultra Curva Sud),[42] were set.

After a short pull-back, a quick recovery followed and Steaua managed a six consecutive championship streak between 1992–93 and 1997–98 to equalize the 1920s performance of Chinezul Timișoara[10] and also three more cups in 1995–96, 1996–97 and 1998–99. Steaua Stadium (Romanian: Stadionul Steaua), informally also known as Ghencea, was a football stadium in Bucharest, Romania, which served as the home of Steaua București. In 1998, the club and facilities were separated from the armed forces and sold to a group of shareholders in a post-Ceaușescu privatization scheme, allegedly leading to one of the shareholders acquiring full ownership five years later. A Balcanic Cup game. [25] On 5 July 2019, yet another unfavorable ruling was handed out against the team. Two years later, the change of name to CCA brought with it a new crest consisting of the same red star labeled CCA surrounded by a crown of laurel.

Stadion Arena Națională este stadionul pe care se dispută meciurile FCSB, ale echipei naționale, finala Cupei României și meciul din Super Cupa României.

Steaua has never had a standard playing kit. For the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons, the kit is all-ice blue, but a lighter shade than the previous kit. It was formed as a sports society with seven initial sections, including football, coached by Coloman Braun-Bogdan. [51], Steaua has previously been known as the club of the Romanian Army, which founded it in 1947 as a sports society.

[12] George Becali, another businessman, was offered the position of vice-president in the hope that Becali would invest money in the club. They reached the European Cup final once again in 1989, when they were defeated by A.C. Milan. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Founded in 1947, it has spent its entire history in the Liga I, the top tier of the Romanian football league system.

As FC Steaua appeared in 1998, the club added two yellow stars on top of the CSA Steaua badge signifying its 20 titles of champions won, along with the Fotbal Club specification. [68][69], These are the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) club's points as of 28 April 2018:[72], This is the UEFA club's coefficient as of 9 June 2017:[73].

Steaua Stadium (Romanian: Stadionul Steaua), informally also known as Ghencea, was a …

Also, Voltaj, in their song 'MSD2', make reference to the fans in the line "Poți să fii câine sau poți fi stelist" ("You can be a dog[59] or you can be a Steaua fan"). Subsequently, Steaua became the first Romanian club to reach a European Cup final, which it ultimately won against Barcelona on penalties (2–0 thanks to goalkeeper Helmuth Duckadam saving all four penalties taken by the Spaniards), after a goalless draw.

Eternul derby ("The Eternal Derby") has been the leading Romanian football encounter since 1948, as Steaua and Dinamo are the two most successful football teams in the country.

FCSB Stadium Tour The idea of "FCSB Stadium & Museum Tour" was born out of our wish to get as close as possible to our many supporters and to offer various other services.

[13], Because of his controversial character, he has been challenged by the majority of Steaua fans.

With 72 seasons spent in Liga I, they are one of only two teams to have played only in the first national league, along with Dinamo București (71 seasons). The club's new name translated to The Star and was adopted because of the presence of a red star, a symbol of most East European Army clubs, on its crest. List of under-21s and academy players with senior squad numbers. [27] Starting with the following season and with the Army's change of identity from the Royal Army to the People's Army, the yellow was gradually given up, so that the official colors remained, up to this day, the red and the blue.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 2013–14 UEFA Champions League group stage, FC Steaua București–FC Rapid București rivalry, International Federation of Football History & Statistics, "Am cucerit Europa şi-n tribune! "

The club has a long-standing rivalry with neighboring Dinamo București, with matches between the two being commonly referred to as the "Eternal Derby" or the "Romanian Derby". A 1998 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship Final. Fotbal Club FCSB (Romanian pronunciation: [fet͡ʃeseˌbe]), commonly known as FCSB, is a Romanian professional football club based in Bucharest. Popular reference, however, appeared only after the Romanian Revolution, as before, mass-media programmes were mostly being controlled by the former communist regime. Steaua thereafter qualified for the following Champions League seasons after a ten-year break, and in 2007–08 Steaua again reached the group stage of the Champions League. The stadium was renovated in 1996 and 2006 in order to host UEFA Champions League.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules.

However, the same Army sued the football club in 2011, claiming that this was a new entity; the two have since been in a legal conflict regarding the ownership of the Steaua brand and honours, which resulted in multiple court cases and the forced change of the name of FC Steaua București to FC FCSB in early 2017.[2][3]. [61], Note: As of June 2018, UEFA and LPF regard FC FCSB as the continuation of historic FC Steaua București and attribute all honours since 1947 to this entity.

[11], In January 2003, the team allegedly turned public under the leadership of investor and former politician George Becali, who had already purchased 51% of the society's shares and later on acquired the rest to become the owner of the club.

European Cup semifinal.

"The Red Dogs" is a common nickname adopted by Dinamo's fans for their team. The club's all-time top scorer in the league is Anghel Iordănescu with 146 goals, a record that also looks solid, out of the same reason as above-mentioned.

[62][63] However, the ownership of the many trophies won between 1947 and 2003 is disputed, with the restarted football department of former parent club CSA Steaua also claiming them[64] following legal disputes between the two organisations.

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