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Definitely. Harold admits he is still hooked on Leshawna, and as a result, spares Leshawna from being eliminated, as he was a slave to love. 344. Footer. In Total Drama World Tour, Leshawna becomes attracted to the newcomer Alejandro instead of Harold. Patterned in part after the title character of the 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite, Harold had pivotal roles in his team’s first two challenge victories, but is best known for rigging a vote against Courtney to avenge himself upon Duncan. However, her attempts fail before Harold agrees to form an alliance with her and Duncan while in the tower.

Throughout this episode, Duncan is constantly picking on Harold. She attempts to form an alliance with Duncan and Harold, but she feels unappreciated when they both utterly refuse.
harold TDI. Total: 1,435 (members: 57, guests: 1,378). During the training portion of the challenge, Duncan tries to bring out Harold's anger by saying he kissed Leshawna. Harold's "wicked skills" fail to impress Leshawna. Members. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. It is kinda creepy the amount of parallels in these 2 story'. Leshawna considers voting for Harold or DJ, but as DJ is supposed to be eliminated, there is a good chance she voted him off. Harold wants to know how he can win the four person hot tub because his "fair Leshawna" loves hot tubs. Later, when all of the campers are sitting around the pool, Harold wishes for Leshawna to win (as she is in the Final Five at this point). • During the "That's Gonna Leave A Mark," Leshawna hits Gwen with a spoon after she hits Harold with a shovel, leaving a swollen bruise on Gwen's forehead. Online. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

13.2k. Leshawna straightens out her shirt and looks at Harold with discomfort. Leshawna scolds Harold, stating that what he "knows" got them thrown out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. He later lists all their shared qualities, saying that both have beautiful eyes and a hard shell. Leshawna in Total Drama Island. Harold made a burrito resembling Leshawna. Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady the Fifth, the Dweeb is modeled after Napoleon Dynamite. During the challenge, however, she is among the people who laugh at him while Duncan makes fun of him, and tells him that the team is better off following Duncan's plan over his. Power Rangers Reboot!

harold totaldrama. She later complains when Harold boldly takes charge of the sandcastle challenge, and didn't understand or care about Harold's source of inspiration. Created May 29, 2012. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. He even called it "funky", and said that he loved it. Harold eventually forgives her, claiming that he is a "slave to love" and joins Duncan in voting off Heather instead of Leshawna at the Gaffers' final Award Ceremony as a team. She says that she finds his "little man biceps" irresistible, although when she says she has no feelings, the shock chair didn't shock her.

When Leshawna is in the dance contest against Trent, Harold is the only castmate on the Screaming Gaffers team to not make fun of her dancing.

Join. Photo of harold TDI for fans of TDI/A's Harold 7380256. Harold assures her that if it were an alliance with simply Leshawna, that he would definitely accept, once and over again, but because Duncan was involved there is no possibility of it happening. Both have earned the ire of their teammates, They are the first couple to share a kiss as one member is facing elimination, though it is cut short by Chef Hatchet. They are, however, surprisingly useful and have won Harold several challenges, often shocking an incredulous audience. You should have mention that in the first place, Probably some haven't seen the movie yet i think many will recognize the character is based on Napoleon since the movie is well known. Both tried to cook the egg Chris gave them as a consolation prize together at the end of the episode, by her holding Harold up, since the sticky fluid causes him to hold the egg over. You must log in or register to reply here. When the contestants land in the giant rice bowl, Harold comments on how he knows everything about Japan, their destination. Harold imagining Leshawna on his surf ride in I'm Winning This. Reply. Total Drama Island Fanfiction wikia is a FANDOM TV Community.

Leshawna is touched that Harold did this, as she had been getting love poems from him anonymously throughout the competition.
He starts to trail off, however, talking about how "bad" she is in a soft, lovestruck tone. When listening to it in the confessional, he receives a note from Leshawna, saying if that song reminds him of her, she will have to kill him. Harold said that he only did it to form an alliance with her, to which Leshawna angrily rejects. Which she doesn't have the heart to tell him he has no muscle whatsoever, so she goes along with it and asks if he had been working out.

At the beginning of the episode, Leshawna offers Harold her place to go to the bathroom, which Harold accepts, unlike the other Gaffers, who still hold a grudge against Leshawna.

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. LeShawna & Harold Meet to Ryuubi & Bachou. When Harold announces that he is about to unleash his "wicked skills" during the first round of dodgeball, Leshawna dares him to prove himself. Not long after, the water begins to rise dangerously high, and Leshawna begins to panic because she believes that it might really be the end. When Team Victory's commercial is shown, Leshawna says that the team should have done Lindsay's idea, angering Harold. Join. Ambitiously we soar. The earliest sign of Harold's attraction to Leshawna occurs. Cast Harold as Napoleon Dynamite Leshawna as Lefawnduh Lucas. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. She is impressed with the large and detailed sandcastle Harold ended up building for their team. Explore Fanpop. Harold tells DJ that he prefers to "leave the ladies wanting more," to which DJ responds "Oh, she wants more all right, more Alejandro." During the episode, Leshawna tries to convince both Harold and Duncan to form an alliance so they can make it to the final three. Harold isn't mad at Leshawna at all and reminds everyone of how Leshawna is always there to listen to everyone's stories and how supportive she is.

3K Views. He breathes heavy and says stupid sounding stuff. One being a Cubone he found at a cemetery. Harold becomes so angry that he punches through the punching bag. In trying to achieve success Harold tries to impress Leshawna with his "ten-pack" during the surfboard challenge, which failed as Leshawna simply shook her head in disbelief.

Leshawna snaps at him for assuming she cried, claiming that she never cries. Hail, flowing fount of sentiment! He later forgives Leshawna after she did a cheer and says that she still has her eye on Harold. Total Drama Ikkitousen Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She constantly calls him pet names such as "baby" and "sweetie" throughout the episode, hinting that there is some romantic feelings. During the surfing challenge, Harold nominates himself in order to impress Leshawna with his surfing.

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