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She talked to his old Sunday-school classmate in McMechen, West Virginia, where Manson lived with his uncle while his mother spent time in the Moundsville prison, before he found himself a ward of the state, bouncing from reform schools to juvenile-detention facilities. 18 August 2020 | Indiewire ‘Enslaved’: Epix Releases Trailer for Docuseries with Samuel L. Jackson. Manson, she argues, was simply a grifter looking to cover up earlier crimes and, ultimately, get famous. Based on Frankel’s passion, she decided to give it a shot, but instead of whetting her appetite with the prosecutor’s book, she opted for the Rolling Stone 1970 cover story by David Dalton and David Felton, a 30,000-word exploration into the family, written well before Bugliosi’s argument had become the mainstream, when the family was still around, living on Spahn Ranch and supporting their imprisoned brethren. Sign up for our newsletter. He was pretty upset when he came back.”, “In a lot of ways, I really believe that incident was a major factor in his decision to implement these murders,” says Frankel. Helter Skelter: An American Myth. The 1960s always loomed large to my generation, Gen X, as being this idyllic, romanticized past; this incredible time of creativity and explosive experimentation. Premium cable and satellite network Epix was due to premiere a new six-part docuseries abut Charles Manson this month. The murders, the hunt for the perpetrators, and the eventual 14-week trial had been in the news every day, of course. Yet Helter Skelter director Lesley Chilcott has found an eminently worthy task: peeling away the lore. Though the title shares its name with Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter offers a much more nuanced look at the man and his followers. By unburdening the tragedy of some of its myths, she has returned the humanity of the very real people involved, and that turns out to be what was left, after all, to say about Charles Manson. Written by Vincent Bugliosi, the L.A. County deputy district attorney who had put the cult leader and several of his followers on death row, the tome — clocking in at almost 700 pages — set out the narrative the prosecutor had put in place during the trial: Manson, a crazed guru who had spent his childhood in the criminal-justice system only to emerge into California during the Summer of Love, brought together a group of wayward girls and boys using drugs, sex, and the Beatles’ White Album to cast his spell. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC.

Vincent Bugliosi, the lead prosecutor in the Manson Family first trial, wrote not only the definitive book about the case (also called Helter Skelter), but the most popular true-crime book in history, with seven million copies sold and counting.

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