history of cross river state

The Zone in Cross River State are divided into three zones, where the local government areas are grouped, they are. They are Calabar South, Calabar Municipal, Odukpani, Akamkpa, Biase, Yakurr, Obubra, Ikom, Yala, and Ogoga.

Located in the Niger Delta, Cross River State occupies 20,156 square kilometers.

The South-South State was created on 27 May 1967 from the former Eastern Region, Nigeria by the General Yakubu Gowon regime. Interestingly, the highest concentration of different species of butterflies in the world can be found in Akamkpa Local Government Area of the State.

The Efik language is very widely spoken in Cross River State, even as far as Arochukwu in neighbouring Abia state. As of 2018, Cross River State is the only state in Nigeria, which Governor (Ben Ayade) and Deputy Governor (Ivara Esu) are eggheads (professors). Only one major (federal) road connects 10 local government areas from the popular Watt Market in Calabar. Cross River is surrounded by different States, country and ocean. The present day Akwa Ibom State was excised from it in the state creation exercise of September 1987 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Regulus and the Great Serpent of Bagradas, How Pope John XII turned the Vatican to a Whorehouse, How the Wright Brothers Invented the Airplane in 1903, The British Royal Family: 10 Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know. Others are the Etanpim Cave in Odukpani, the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar Marina Resort (which houses the Calabar Slave Museum, the Cinema, and a view of the Calabar River where one could take a boat ride around or to Oron in Akwa-Ibom State), Calabar Residency Museum, and Mary Slessor Tomb. Tertiary educational institutions include the University of Calabar and the Cross River State University of Technology both in Calabar, the Ibrahim Babangida College of Agriculture in Obubra and Technical College, Ugep. The area is about 20,156km² (7,782sqmin). JOHN GAUL LEBOI is the present speaker of the State Assembly. Aero Contractors also have flights to the Bebi airstrip at Obudu for trips to the Obudu Mountain Resort. The Efik language is widely spoken in Cross River State, and as far as Arochukwu in bordering Abia State. Tertiary educational institutions are the Cross River State University of Technology in Calabar, the Ibrahim Babangida College of Agriculture in Obubra and The Polytechnic, Calabar. What makes the capital city, Calabar, so special? Cross River North This comprises of six local Government areas in Cross River State, they are grouped under it. Its capital is at Calabar, and it is named for the Cross River (Oyono), which passes through the state. Relax. Especially the capital, Calabar. It shares boundaries with Benue State to the north, Enugu and Abia States to the west, to the east by Cameroon Republic and to the south by Akwa-Ibom and the Atlantic Ocean. There are 18 Local Government Areas (Abi, Akamkpa, Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Bekwarra, Biase, Boki, Calabar Municipal, Calabar South, Etung, Ikom, Obanliku, Obubra, Obudu, Odukpani, Ogoja, Yakurr, and Yala) in Cross River State that make up three senatorial districts. The appellation for Cross River State is The People’s Paradise. Cross River State boasts of being the venue for the largest carnival in Africa. The Cross River State is rich in culture and heritage which is reflected in their lifestyle, music and dance. Various annual festivals are Cross River State Carnival (26-29 December) in Calabar, Yakurr Leboku Yam festival (28 August) in Ugep and the Calabar Boat Regatta. The official website http://www.crossriverfestival.com:-. There are other languages such as, Ekoi, Etung, Boki, Bechevei.

Its capital is Calabar.

The European Queen visited the old Calabar on 10 September 1884, she signed a Treaty protection with the King and chief of Akwa Akpa. Its capital is Calabar. The name was referred to as Cross River State in the year 1976. Its name was changed to Cross River State in the 1976 state creation exercise by the then General Murtala Mohammed regime from South Eastern State.

There is also the Qua community in Calabar, which speaks Ejagham.The main Ejagham group occupies mostly the northern sections of the State. The Efik migrated down the Cross River from Arochukwu and founded numerous settlements in the Calabar and Creek Town area. The state has been governed by lots of previous Governors and Administrators which included Udoakaha.J.Esuene, Paul Omu, Tunde Elegbede, Clement Isong, Donald Etiebet, Daniel Archibong, Ibim Princewill, Ernest Atta, Clement Ebri, Ibrahim Kefas, Gregory Agboneni,Umar Faoruk Ahmed, Christopher Osondu and Donald Duke.The present governor Liyel Imoke has been the state governor since May 29, 2007-July 14, 2008 and from August 26, 2008 to date. Others are into fishing. The weirdest of all cultures. Tourist attractions are, the soaring plateaus of the mountain tops of Obanliku, the Obudu Mountain Resort, the Rain forests and Mountain walkway canopy of Afi, Waterfalls at Agbokim and Kwa, the monoliths at Ikom, Cross River National Park at Boki, and the Obubra Lake at Obubra. We use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience on our website. The capital is Calabar, one of Nigeria’s cleanest and safest cities. General Murtala Mohammed ruled in South Eastern State. They are: In line with the objectives of the former Governor of the state Mr. Donald Duke to mix business with pleasure, there are many festivals. How King Nebuchadnezzar Destroyed Jerusalem in 587 B.C. Ejagham and Efik are major languages of this state, but the Igbo tribe and language are also present in its western land borders.

Ejagham and Efik are the major spoken languages in Cross River State. Its name was changed to Cross River State in the 1976 state creation exercise by the then General Murtala Mohammed regime from South Eastern State. There are daily flights to Calabar from Lagos and Abuja serviced by airlines such as Virgin Nigeria, Arik Airlines and Aero Contractors. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. The Cross River state has eighteen Local Government Areas; Cross River State inhabitants are well known for crafting, wood carving, stone sculpture, raffia,  cane works, pottery and Silver works which they import and export. Abuo Chiche, Afrike Ochagbe, Afrike  Okpeche, Beten, Gakem, Abo, Alankwe, Beebo/Bumaji, Boje Buda, Bunyia/Okubuchi, Ekpashi, Kakkwagom/BawopOgep/Osokom, Oku/Borum/Njua, Calabar Municipal i, Calabar Municipal ii, Calabar Municipal iii, Calabar Municipal iv, Calabar Municipal ix, Calabar Municipal v, Calabar Municipal vi, Calabar Municipal vii, Calabar Municipal viii, Calabar Municipal x, Eight, Eleven,Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Abia,Abijang,Agbokim,Ajassor,Bendeghe Ekiem,Etomi,Effraya, Itaka, Mkpot/Ayuk Aba, Nsofang, Abanyum,Akparabong,Ikom Urban I, Ikom Urban ii, Nde, Nnam,n  Nta/Nselle, Ofutop,Olulumo, Yala/Nkum, Ababene, Apiapum, Iyamoyong, Obubra Urban, Ochon, Ofat, Yala Ofodua, Ofumbongha/Osopong I, Osopong ii, Ovonum, Alege/Ubang, Angiaba/Begiaka, Begiading, Ipong, Obudu Urban I, Obudu Urban ii, Ukpe, Utugwang central, Utugwang North, Utugwang South, Adiabo/Efuf, Akamkpa, Creek Town I, Creek Town ii, Eki, Eniong, Ikoneto, Ito/ idere/Ukwa, Obomitiat/Mbiabo/Ediong, Basang, Bebi,Becheve, Bendi I, Bend ii, Bishiri North, Bishiri South, Bisu, Busi, Utanga, Ekaju I, Ekaju ii, Mbube East I, Mbube West I, Mbube West ii, Nkum Iborr, Nkum Iborr, Nkum Irede, Ogoja Urban I, Ogoja Urban ii, Abanakpai, Aferkpe/ekpenti, Ajere, Assiga, Biko Biko, Idomi, Ijiman, Ijom, Ikpakapit, Inyima, Mkpan/agoi, Nkpolo/ukpawen, Ntan, Echumofana, Gabu, Iijraga, Njrigom/Mfuma, Okpoma, Okuku, Wanihem, Wanikade, Yache, Yahe, Calabar Municipal, Calabar south, Akamkpa, Akpabuyo Bakassi, odukpani, Christmas festival celebrated annually in the last month of every year, Carnival float done yearly between December 26th  and 27th, Cross River National Park Eco Tousle wild life.

25 Interesting Facts about Cross River State.

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