how much does the renault morphoz cost

This modular vehicle offers a personalized adaptation to the needs, desires and uses of each person to push back all the automotive limits. Is the car buying public's current predilection for SUVs frustrating for a designer and how can EV power help to change the public's tastes, or at least lessen the carbon footprint of an SUV? Interim chief executive Clotilde Delbos told analysts that French auto maker is examining all aspects of the business including its longtime, high-profile participation in F1. with the MORPHOZ. Road tax. Then they will analyse them and make a decision.”, Marko explained that reducing Honda’s costs is “very important” and he warned that “if it doesn’t get cheaper there will scarcely be anyone left.” Ominously, he added that it would not be wise to retain the current engine specification because that “only works if everyone is at the same level. "It depends on your aims as a carmaker, do you want to sell 150,000 cars or do you want to make a statement car that might sell 1,000? "The standard way of doing an SUV is to make it look tough and vertical but in our case, because aero was deemed to be so important we have tried to be more fluid and elegant," Read more In addition, it would have to build (perhaps literally) an F1 division and develop an engine from scratch. Renault had done a lot of research at that time and for many people, ", This fits in with the Renault philosophy of selling cars that adapt to people's lives, in the dramatically changing personal mobility landscape as Laurens tells me: "We want to be seen as a human-centric company, we want to make cars The story doesn’t stop there though as Mercedes gets an estimated $37 million annually from supplying its engines to the Williams and Racing Point teams. Laurens pointed out something very Notable exclusives include revealing that Ferrari has a veto over the successor to F1’s chief executive, that F1’s owners had bought its feeder series Formula 2 and that they would launch a junior series which is now called Formula 3. I can tell you, here it is not. I write about the business of Formula One auto racing as well as the theme park industry and have been doing this since 2002. Renault MORPHOZ - dream, design and drive. You can extend the package to four years, but that costs £400, as more work needs to be done in the fourth year. Smith about turning his design dreams into reality. another thing to pull 350 kilogrammes of batteries that you don't really need for your commute. capability to use for the occasional long journey, holidays and so on. The MORPHOZ concept is a truly living experience.”. The adaptability of the MORPHOZ concept started as a designer's dream but when Laurens talked to

Laurens says they are in his and then mainly use the vehicle for local urban journeys where the capacity is just not needed. Roll up to a dedicated Renault station, however, and the Morphoz can stretch to a Travel mode, extending its wheelbase to 2.93 metres and its overall length to 4.8 metres. that feel alive and the adaptability idea is a strong confirmation of that.

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position. possible. The engines which have powered Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes team to victory over the past six years ... [+] cost $1.4 billion to produce (ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP via Getty Images). British auto maker Aston Martin was planning to supply engines to F1 from 2021 but did a U Turn in 2018 after Liberty scrapped the cap on investment in them.

Renault is promoting its MORPHOZ as a personal electric vehicle, connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. You don’t have to pay any road tax at all if you drive a Renault Twizy. More than ideal for regular city driving, and plenty beyond. The idea of an adaptable car becomes much more interesting when you consider this conundrum, especially in the context of an ecosystem and holiday experience. I am also in charge of F1's industry monitor Formula Money ( and the biggest archive of its sponsorship values which can be found at The following link ( is to an archive of our theme park industry coverage and a summary of notable news that we have broken. Revealed as two SUVs in one, the Morphoz … The company’s latest results are for the year to 31 December 2018 and, as we recently revealed in British newspaper the CityAM, its costs only rose by $4.7 million (£3.6 million) on the previous year. I cover the theme park industry and the business of Formula One, cost $1.4 billion to produce (ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP via Getty Images), EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. on the Alliance’s new modular CMF-EV electric platform to offer several configurations not only of power, capacity and range, but also of user options and boot space too. I ask Laurens if the car owner/drivers' new way of thinking, “We are using some technology for cooling invented here and that technology is being used in the next generation of S-Class as well.

", 2020 | Three6Zero | automotiveEV | Privacy Policy. was posed by some, 'it looks like a car, shouldn't it look like something else.

Despite its edgy futuristic look, the Morphoz is built on the existing Renault Nissan CMF-EV platform. Firstly, it needs to be taller than a saloon due to needing the underfloor space for

Rival auto makers may be attracted by Mercedes’ success which has seen its brand value grow by $16.7 billion since 2013, the year before it won its first F1 title. course; SUVs are the only truly global vehicle segment that attracts buyers everywhere and I think the SUV will be with us for quite a while yet. "Very often concept cars show our intentions more than the next full vehicle idea; they may where we want to go in design, to show that we can think far ahead, whether it 'announces' a car that is coming along a year later or just

According to Helmut Marko, motorsports consultant for the Honda-powered Red Bull Racing team, changes need to be made in order to keep the Japanese auto giant in F1.

proportions and the silhouette of vehicles changing. He has an interesting view on this. MORE: Renault news, reviews, comparisons and videos. From the everyday to the weekend ", Speaking of radical approaches to new vehicles, I mention the ground-breaking and some might say controversial design of the BMW i3; Laurens lights on this too and says that it was in some ways a matter of planning for market penetration:

Also, you want to have an enriching experience while you travel so the idea of a spacious vehicle that 'does its thing' while the passengers 'do their thing' is the way forward. Technology in all its forms - design, on-board intelligence, connectivity, interior layout - serves a new travel experience for all vehicle users. Mercedes isn’t even believed to have the most expensive F1 engine program. That honor is understood to go to Ferrari but it can’t be verified as the Italian team doesn’t file separate financial statements for its F1 team or engine division as they are integrated into its production car operations. and smoothness of the drive, the instant power pick-up off the line,” he says, adding: “I have seen this with my wife's experience of driving an EV, having driven an EV, now she does not want to go back to a petrol or diesel car. hand, while I have not seen a working prototype at a workable price point, we would be the first company to try it if it were to exist.

it was important that the new car looked, like a car on the inside and the outside because for them the step to switch to electric was already such a big step that they did not want to be challenged by a design that was very different That’s not all as Mercedes has also mastered the art of transferring technology from F1 to its production cars.

It’s a game of inches — and dollars.

- witness the Audi e-tron tested in this issue, which is shortly being complemented by a cheaper version. I think it depends whether you are targeting a niche market or the mass market.

", When the Renault Avantime was launched, after a very difficult gestation period, it was truly before its time; also unfortunately too far ahead of its time for most buyers. It has driven a great deal of exposure as it is the first production car powered by an F1 engine. ", I have been an evangelist for in-wheel-motors (IWMs) for some years as I am intrigued by the technology and the advantages they can bring to a vehicle in packaging, manoeuvrability and dynamic control. Formula Money is on Twitter @formulamoney and its services are shown on the following link (

The TREZOR was an example - we will never make a TREZOR in production but I had posters of the concept made for the Paris Motor Show so that we could give them to the kids that attended. As regards the influence of EVs, and particularly the MORPHOZ, one is seeing the Oddly, the larger battery adds less energy than the existing range of the smaller standard battery, although weight and efficiency is likely a factor here. You may opt-out by.

The financial statements of Mercedes’ engine division reveal that since development began on the V6 engine, its costs have come to a total of $1.2 billion (£914.4 million). Above: City mode at top, travel model bottom. He Laurens van den Acker, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Design at Groupe Renault talks about turning his design dreams into reality. salient to autonomous driving: "You may not realise how fixed in position one is in a car. This is why I became a designer”, he jokes. spurred by the EV 'revolution' could be inspired by a similar vehicle now. Renault news, reviews, comparisons and videos. I think the concept is quite feasible.". "This would be exactly the solution to the weight problem; what we want to avoid is people 'up-speccing' their EV for long journeys, with say, a 700 kilogramme battery

My colleague Caroline Reid and I are the only journalists worldwide who specialise in the business of F1 and we write for more outlets than any other reporters covering the sport. So that is happening. I regularly comment on the F1 industry on television for the BBC, CNN, CNBC and ITV. "It is the fluidity "If you see a TGV high-speed train going at speed, it appears to 'cut' through the air and this is the sensation that we wanted to achieve So what made him want to be a car designer? It is also very coherent with Renault's The first thing you want to do, if you don't have to drive the car, is to move around so the interiors we design are going to have increase in size while on the outside of the vehicle we need to make cars as compact as This futuristic vehicle represents Renault’s vision of personal, shareable electric mobility in the years beyond 2025. Renault too recently announced that it is re-considering its involvement with F1 following a 1.6% crash in its revenue to $12.6 billion (€11.3 billion) in the third quarter. ", Laurens’s imagination is always close to the surface - of his designs and of his consciousness: ”For me it is really important that we make concept cars that make people dream because when you are in a big company and you cannot dream At the end of next year F1’s contracts with its ten teams reach the end of the road and it is using the opportunity to introduce new regulations in a bid to spice up the action after six years of dominance by Mercedes.

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