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WHAT’S YOUR CUT? $form.find('.invalid-email').show().siblings().hide(); . Whatever you do with your valuable artwork, be sure you're taking steps to protect yourself and your painting before any potential sale. Then start adding on anything that is relevant, like art/photo-related education and awards, publications you’ve been featured in, teaching experience, recent exhibitions followed by recent solo exhibitions. Ugallery is a website dedicated to bringing together original art by emerging artists and potential collectors. Approaching a gallery seems intimidating, but in reality… actually never mind, in reality it’s just as intimidating as it is in your head.

o[] = this.value || ''; PRICE RANGE OF AVAILABLE WORKS: $13 to $11 million. For tips on taking professional quality images, read How Professional Artists Photograph their Artwork in 8 Simple Steps. If you want to sell art by auction, I’d recommend eBay or If I’m working with galleries and sell a painting from my studio, I get the 50% sales commission.

You can check for members of the Appraisers Association on the organization's website. } As an artist, you should remain aware that some people will want to take advantage of you. type: $form.attr('method'), timeout: 10000 + '


The only thing I didn’t see listed was the option to offer custom (commissioned) work. Pricing is rarely an artist's strong suit and it can be a touchy subject. You can always reduce the resolution, but it’s never a good idea to increase it while processing the image. //default prefix is 'artnet_newsletter_'

There is an Art & Hobbies category, but most of the items fall into the “hobbies” category. Try a Pop-up Photography Studio!

My pieces, for example, follow this basic pattern: Pricing can also be a tricky subject, and needs to be dealt with on a very case by case basis, but at least this will give you a jumping off point. You want someone to meet you at the door and ask how your day is going, if you’ve ever been in before and if there’s anything specific you’re interested in. • You know your locale, and where the type of people who might buy your art congregate

As fun as it is to create art, most artists (myself included) can’t deny the thrill that comes from selling your art to someone who loves it. Your large size will probably seem a bit comically large, but that’s kind of the whole point – it’s a statement piece.

They will either respond with 1 of 3 things: 1.)

Like RedBubble, Society6 gives artists at all stages of their careers the opportunity to market they work on a wide variety of products.

As an established artist, you probably already know how much it costs to package and deliver your style of artworks.

Then you want your main size (30 x 30) that is large enough to hang comfortably in someone’s home – this is the size you will be displaying most often in galleries. I’m including a ton of offline options because (believe it or not) you’ll probably find it easier to sell locally and in person than online.

The application process is similar to applying for a brick-and-mortar gallery, but it’s presented in easy-to-follow steps so you can see before you apply what you need. } This piece right here is mine, it’s called Insomniac.”

The best way to begin is to “shop around” until you find the sales avenue that suits you (and your art) the best.

It took about 100 hours of straight editing time to achieve that effect.” The application is free and easy to complete, with helpful links to uploading images and creating a profile—meaning more or less anyone can sell their work. A multi-pronged platform that includes an e-gallery, studio manager software, and even a podcast.

Thank you so much! Artists get 65% of every sale while Saatchi takes 35%.

If you answered all questions “yes”, please read on, then apply to join us. You would be glad to know that selling your art is not restricted to just a few platforms. Will your art be displayed 'permanently' or in a temporary exhibit?

The artist is responsible for the cost and care of packaging the work, and sellers must comply with Saatchi’s shipment guidelines to qualify for an insurance policy.

Artists receive 65 percent of the sale proceeds. url: $form.attr('action'),

We market and sell your art via this site,, the UK’s leading destination for customers wishing to buy art online. If in doubt, £30 is usually sufficient for smaller pieces.

A lot of it depends on the customers the gallery attracts, the amount of marketing they do, and how much people like your work and want to take it home. throw Error('onSuccess callback is required');

This keeps you from having to pay a fortune for 2 different shows in 2 different sizes. All of them offer free basic accounts so you can upload a limited number of images and see if it’s a good fit for you. By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice. It’s always better to keep buyers informed, than to leave them wondering. script.integrity = "sha256-hVVnYaiADRTO2PzUGmuLJr8BLUSjGIZsDYGmIJLv2b8="; The decision maker may not always be around and it's sometimes best to not assume that they have the time to talk to a prospective artist. Enter Art Competitions . They have their own credibility and reputation to protect, and that means they can’t sell on potential alone, so price your work accordingly. They need your prices high enough to show value, but low enough to be comparable to other artists they’ve had in the past. isnewsletter = pagetypeurl.includes("?page_1"); if (o[]) { The appeal of these websites is the sheer number of items available.

Asked where Tappan’s artists come from, co-founder Neman said, “Everywhere. The seller is responsible for shipping fees and packaging materials, so bear that in mind when pricing your work. Will the gallery offer sales? And that folks, is how you sell an art piece. No commission.

For collectors, it’s easy to discover new artists and search for specific types of artwork through a variety of filters. Art Websites Comparison If you already have a Google or Facebook account, you can use your Google or Facebook log in to allow Etsy to “mine” your information and fill in your Etsy account. And you should decide whether you want to sell your painting outright, or let the gallery do some of the work for you by putting it on consignment.

They all know each other, they’ve all communicated beforehand to see who is going to which session, and they book their own tickets accordingly. PROS: The company has forged partnerships and collaborations with some heavy hitters in the fashion/art/influencer realm, including the fashion label Vince, healthy-food purveyor Sweetgreen, and California-chic lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne. Let’s say you have square format photos, that come in 5 sizes (in inches) 10 x 10, 20 x 20, 30 x 30, 40 x 40 and 50 x 50.

A landscape painting will not work in a gallery that focuses on abstract work. The guarantee allows customers to return artworks within 14 days if they are not fully satisfied.

if (generalSettings.loadFontAwesome) { Setting up an account is quite simple and clearly explained in a step-by-step tutorial. But, as an artist, how do you know which site is worth your time (and, in cases when there’s a profit share, your money)? This allows the owner to choose the best pieces for their customer base and gives you more sales opportunities. }

Websites Selling Art Online You can sell originals, prints, and also use their free Print-on-Demand service for custom prints & framing.

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// Hide the errors One well-fitting sales outlet will be more productive than half a dozen that don’t work. Let’s say they are also a coffee shop, or a furniture shop or a restaurant. But you’ve got to remember, gallery owners are people just like you and they would much rather be approached by a proactive enthusiastic artist than drag along an insecure artist that has no idea what they’re doing.

You must then package and despatch the artwork to arrive with the customer within 5 working days.

Also check out the overall look of the gallery. You sign up for a session (and pay about $1000) and you get a 20 minute slot to meet with each of the reviewers on your list. }; if (typeof ouibounce !== 'undefined') {

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Just be sure to fully read and understand the application requirements so you don’t get disqualified for a simple mistake. Unlike eBay, listings last for four months (or until the item sells). var ctx = this; Here’s the other thing though, there are 2 very important lessons of Fotofest I wish I had known: 1) The only reason you would attend 2 sessions instead of only one is if your work is extremely well-established and you’re looking for connections, not feedback. Commission rates are generally similar to brick-and-mortar galleries (up to 50%,) but purchases are transacted through the digital gallery.

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