hummer h2 values increasing

Find out if Hummer H2 prices are going up or down and how they have changed over time.

Honestly, I've enjoyed my two Hummers the most of anything except maybe the '65 396 I bought new, and the M5- yep, I'm an old fart! 2003 Hummer H2 Values Select a 2003 Hummer H2 trim level .

The last of its kind.

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View Public Profile The new Trans Am came and it helped and then the Fiero came and brought a lot of people into the show rooms.

GMC has already replaced Hummer.

It was classic Chevy in dfw the dealership that sells more of just about everything Chevy in the country.

2008 H2 Greystone, Corsa Sport Exhaust  

i paid 30k the year they ditched them and in 2014 I was offered 50,000 for mine with 90,000 miles on it. Many people see/saw potential in the Pontiac brand (including me). //-->.

Hope it's early for that. Hummer H2 Discussion Forums

Seriously, it’s awful in there.

GM will take these engines and tune them with different packages to set the engines apart from the others. What do you all think will happen to the value of your Hummer H2 over the next 5 years?


Chevy had more dealers because they sold more cars, they were cheaper to modify cuz there were more Chevy s made which allowed for more after market parts available equals lower cost! Hummers are fairly easy to maintain and people that want them aren't that concerned about gas.

They all need 8-Speeds or 10-Speeds! You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts

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Sedona Leather (nice!!)

It came with more standard features. I am not concerned about the future value of my H2 because I do not plan to sell it . Re: Future of Hummer value?

Screw the libs.

Sorry to be so pesimestic(sp) (Full disclosure: the opportunity to drive a Hummer H2 came from the same Jalopnik reader that allowed me to review his Corrado G60. Back then even a high school kid could afford a car so often they would opt for the cheaper models like Chevy or Plymouth to be able to afford the car and made their own modifications. Given time they will increase in value and become very collectible, IMO.

In Texas, it's a strong market.

They could have killed the bigger models and just went with the smaller H4 and H5 models they were planning. Well at the time GM had no choice as Hummer was seen as evil excess in the media and was not pulling the with income needed to support it at the time.

AM General still owns H2.

Send email to Dark window tint Paid 28,000 for a 2006 white sut luxury that was going for 52,000 THE DAY BEFORE. //--> As it was they had to shut down an entire division vs just a product line. Not till Rick Wagoner and Bob Lutz arrival did any true direction to GM return.

The Solstice was a help but it was never going to save Pontiac with out a proper line up for the entire division.

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After John left things were not the same and as time went on they lost a lot of swagger. But it was to never be.

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Just like the… Slogan say’s , “Hummer , Like Nothing Else”.

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I plan on keeping my H2 until they bury me and maybe get another H3 someday, only used this time. © COPYRIGHT 2020 POWERED BY LSX V8 ENGINES, LOVE & REVERENCE.


Location: springfield,oh The Hummer H2 was actually marketed as a serious offroader back in the day.

All the classic Hummer design cues like the central tire inflation system are actually fake.

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You first look at the Hummer H2 expecting to drive a super cool military truck like the one Sean Connery drives in The Rock, but it ends up being the equivalent of a Ferrari kit car body strapped on top of a Pontiac Fiero. In the case of specialty or rare vehicles, the value will go up with demand. Also the 9-3 even done right would have been difficult to have saved Saab.

Joe monstrosity at a time when your company was about to crumble to the ground, and the world was turning to smarter, greener cars was a totally idiotic move.

Location: Houston

But in this ever competitive market Saabs base would have never grown if they remained odd and they would and did lose their base by becoming conventional. Well it never did and Chevy was in fear a cheaper improved Fiero would cut into Corvette sales of a car already selling at a higher and higher price.

Considering that my truck when new was about $72k and less than 3 years later worth about $33K, I do not think about the increase side.

View Public Profile ht = document.getElementsByTagName("html"); Won’t & Will Not Bash others…. No power steering no power brakes and it was even a 4 speed with a bench seat. 2005 H2 Desert Sand Lux with partial adventure package


Hence the reason for maintaining value! I am not concerned about the future value of my H2 because I do not plan to sell it .


This particular example has had a slight tire modification: 37-inch Mickey Thompsons that give it a rugged, Halo’s Warthog demeanor - way cool.

Hummer Forums by Elcova You basically would buy the car you can afford.

Today you are seeing the results of the many changes they out in place.

07-02-2010, 04:59 AM Search this Thread:
I expect we may see new engines in the new Buicks when they arrive that may offer things that Chevy will not offer. I am not hating on Buick as I love the new Regal, LaCrosse and Enclave. They were their Jeep competitor models and would have help transform Hummer from excess to smaller and more practical for more buyers to buy and operate.

But with engine putting out over 400 FT LBS from the factory there was little need to do a lot.

As I fired up the LS V8, it turned over with the classic low-strung rumble you’d expect from such an engine.   Dark window tint


Here's the deal, I have to load up at least 2 grand babies in car seats each week, actually they feel like baby bulls!

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