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Peace, man. Army, Navy, Air Force, Boot Camp), takes main focus and/or set in a military camp. In the Navy is a song originally sung by the group Village People that appeared in the episode Simpson Tide where the crew, as per naval tradition, sing this "ancient sea chanty" as they start sailing in their submarine. [5] Bob Denver voices himself in the episode and was directed by Mike Reiss. Nuclear war is anticipated until the US Navy drops depth charges on Homer's sub, aiming either to destroy it or force it to surface. I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles…. Commandant: Well, cadets, it’s been a great year. [5] Although the episode is partly based on the film Crimson Tide, the original episode pitch was made before the film was released. "[2], The Simpsons Forever! Colonel: Yes, I can. [4] It was difficult for them to figure out how to get the captain off of the sub and they eventually decided to have him shot out of the torpedo tube, which in the DVD commentary, Al Jean says that Steiger claimed that he really did get stuck in a torpedo tube once. In the episode, a music producer selects Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph to be members of the next hit boy band, who record songs containing subliminal messages about joining the Navy. The content of the episode was also very daring in its time for its use of the term ‘family jewels’ and depiction of schoolyard violence.

What Lisa goes through in this episode echoes the recent introduction of women into combat MOSes. Synopsis: Homer enlists in the U.S. Naval Reserves after losing his job at the power plant. In the Navy is a song originally sung by the group Village People that appeared in the episode Simpson Tide where the crew, as per naval tradition, sing this "ancient sea chanty" as they start sailing in their submarine. [5] The opening couch gag is a recreation of the Rocky and Bullwinkle animated bumper seen at the end of each Bullwinkle short. Homer: You know, Marge, joining the reserves was the best thing I ever did. If you’d like to learn more about war, there are lots of books in your library with cool, gory pictures. [3] After being fired from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer decides to join the United States Navy Reserve. Plot Synopsis: When Bart gets into a schoolhouse feud with the new bully on the block, he decides to fight back. D’oh!

Homer and his unit flee, the Army declares martial law in Springfield and a standoff ensues.

This song also appears on Horatio McCallister's Sea Chanties CD album.

Air Date: May 18, 1997. [2] Grampa Simpson claims that he attacked John F. Kennedy on the PT-109 when Kennedy stated "Ich bin ein Berliner", leading to Grampa mistaking him for a Nazi. The music accompanying it is also adapted from the original music in the bumper. 0:48. It was the second highest-rated show on the Fox network that week, following The X-Files. The Simpsons In the Navy. [4] After the release of the film, the writers decided to start incorporating things from the movie in the script. While Bart is almost immediately accepted by the other cadets, Lisa becomes an outcast because she is a girl. After one of their war buddies dies and they become the last surviving members of the unit, Grampa and Burns race to claim the German treasure they hid in Springfield. We sifted through them and found the best military-themed episodes in The Simpsons arsenal so you don’t have to. Congress slipped it into the National Broccoli Day proclamation. They were trying to do it "for the comedy of it", but could not get the draft to work, so it was cut. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 25, 2001. Find out. He ends up behind the wheel of a nuclear submarine, which he drives straight in Soviet (yes, Soviet) waters, causing an international incident. Synopsis: Homer joins the Army to prevent Bart’s recruitment. Grampa: Now, my story begins in 19-dickety-two. After being fired from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer decides to join the United States Navy Reserve. Bart: (to Lisa) My killing teacher says I’m a natural. With a little help from a one-armed veteran at a local military antiques shop, Bart raises a small army and learns a thing or two about war. This was the last episode Al Jean and Mike Reiss executive produced together, although Jean became showrunner again in season 13.[2]. As of this post, the show has aired 596 episodes. The vessel surfaces and Homer is taken to be court-martialed, but because the officers on the review committee have done such awful things, Homer's punishment ends up being a mild dishonorable discharge and he immediately forgives Bart, as the earring saved his life. There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: The American Revolution, World War II and the Star Wars trilogy. 2012 11 08 Late Show Homer Simpson is proud to be an American Top ten - Duration: 2:40. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Episodes where the Military, (i.e. While participating in a military exercise, Homer unintentionally has the captain fired out of a torpedo tube and pilots the submarine into Russian waters, which is seen by the United States government as an attempt to defect. The animated family series even predicted that Donald Trump would run for president during an episode in the 1990s. Trending pages The Principal and the Pauper Army Private: Sir, you can’t just invade an American city without authorization. This event creates a political schism between the USA and Russia, leading to the revelation that the Soviet Union in fact never truly dissolved, complete with the Berlin Wall rising from the ground, Soviet troops and tanks appearing on the streets and Vladimir Lenin rising from his tomb in Moscow.

Rod Steiger as Captain TenilleBob Denver as Himself. In the navy Los Simpsons - Duration: 0:48. The episode was the second and last to be written by Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia and was the final episode directed by Milton Gray. Valuables that disappeared during World War II really were resurfacing during the 1990s. Critics also lauded this episode for its animation, which included underwater effects heretofore unseen on The Simpsons.

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