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Regardless, both men’s lawsuits (and later amended lawsuits with tweaked details) were tossed out by the court, more or less due to technicalities like Jackson being dead and his estate not being responsible for what he may or may not have done twenty or more years ago. Yet, the document later implies Safechuck actually did understand the inappropriateness of his alleged interactions with Jackson far earlier than 2013 because he reportedly panicked over the prospect of his relationship with Jackson being exposed during the 2005 trial. Read the Michael Jackson Estate’s lawsuit against HBO. Smallcombe said the abuse couldn’t have occurred there, since the station wasn’t built until two years after Safechuck claims that the attacks ceased. wasted.

We respect your privacy. Some radio stations around the world have stopped playing Jackson’s music as a result.

Texas laws against sexual abuse or sexual assault of children are extremely harsh, with severe punishments ranging up to life in prison. All of this dramatizes the need to examine facts fully before making a rush to judgment and condemning the accused. If you or a loved one faces false allegations of sexual abuse of a child in Houston, Harris County, Montgomery County or Fort Bend County, notify the experienced sex crime defense lawyers at the Neal Davis Law Firm today. Abuse survivors need our support, and they especially need to be listened to when they are brave enough to speak out. With a bedroom the size of most people’s houses, it makes sense that Jackson had an alarm system around it.
2). I can only imagine the security throughout Neverland had to be pretty extensive. Jackson’s fans have rallied to his defense, while others have said the film proves he was a child molester. However, followers of the organization have noticed slight changes recently made to the website to eliminate contradictory claims that appear in the documentary. I’ll Because

Wade Robson states in Leaving Neverland that Macauley Culkin and Brett Barnes replaced him once he was too old for Jackson. He subsequently suffered a mental breakdown, went to therapy, and had some sort of thought about his son that led him to realize he had been sexually molested by Jackson for seven years between the ages of 7 and 14. 5). The information and materials on this website are provided for general informational purposes only, and are not intended to be legal advice. Contact us today. He is dead. For nearly 20 years, Neal Davis has successfully defended clients in Texas and federal courts in all types of criminal matters at all phases, from state misdemeanors to complex federal matters. ], Robson and Safechuck are currently awaiting another court date in the aftermath of Leaving Neverland. Euro Disney did not exist until 1992.

He was irrelevant. Make what you will out of that. The estate has asserted that Robson and Safechuck were motivated by money to make false allegations in the new documentary. Unfortunately, this left the door wide open for future allegations. Michael Jackson won a $2.7 million slander lawsuit against the author, Victor M. Gutierrez, in 1998, after he’d made false claims about having a video tape featuring Jackson and an under-aged boy.

], https://www.facebook.com/1440382009/posts/10220780651573040?sfns=mo.

if you watched a 4 hour special and an Oprah interview, you deserve the https://www.minclaw.com/legal-resource-center/what-is-defamation/can-dead-people-defamed/. Jackson was with his bandmates, not the Safechucks. other side of the story without getting too much more of your time But Smallcombe points out that changing the end of the abuse from age 14 to age 16-17 is quite a leap, adding, “This is what happens when you don’t investigate properly.”. With Robson’s lawyers by his side, Safechuck states that he did not realize he had been sexually abused until he began therapy in 2013 (at age 35).

Both men deny ever being touched inappropriately by Jackson, and Brett Barnes has threatened to sue over the insinuation. However, Jackson’s nephew was present at the dinner and revealed that it occurred after Robson had already testified. Knowing the size of Jackson’s bedroom makes it seem less sinister that guests slept there.

Jackson was exonerated in a notorious child abuse court case in 2005 — at which Robson, who now accuses him, appeared in Jackson’s defense as a witness. Houston criminal defense attorney Neal Davis and his skilled legal team represent individuals accused of committing crimes.

Punish children, an elderly woman, and only God knows how many charities, all because two men recited some ugly stories they know can’t be proven? Michael Jackson was, after all, the biggest celebrity in the world. Of course, charges of child molestation were brought up against Jackson again, resulting in his infamous 2005 trial. This underscores the danger of a rush to judgment based on accusations and not facts.

According to his will, his money should be benefiting his elderly mother, his children who have been orphaned, and charity. Enjuris Texas personal injury guide. Since the documentary began airing on HBO last month — after a January screening at the Sundance Film Festival — reactions have been strong and varied. With this in mind, ask yourself if it makes sense to “Say Goodbye” to Jackson as Oprah urged. There’s a lot of information out there that will give you a The graphic and detailed descriptions of sexual abuse Robson and Safechuck give are a selling point for the documentary. Seeing Jackson’s children supposedly motivated him to lie for Jackson. “Leaving Neverland” Weaves A Provocative Narrative But Is It Just One Big Lie? https://jwfacts.com/watchtower/experiences/michael-jackson-jehovah.php, 6). The law does not protect the dead from defamation of character. The information and materials provided are general in nature, and may not apply to a specific factual or legal circumstance. Smallcombe also asserted that the second of Jackson’s chief accusers in the film, Wade Robson, lied in the documentary. That is because our everyday vernacular has turned the phrase “sleeping with” into a sexual concept. 7). This underscores the danger of a rush to judgment based on accusations and not facts. For court information update, visit: He doesn't give up, no matter what you're up against, Debunking Michael Jackson “Leaving Neverland” Accusations, Sexual Assault of a Child (Statutory Rape), Harris County Criminal Lawyer Association’s court updates. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/03/225866/leaving-neverland-michael-jackson-brett-barnes-lawsuit. However, we have to be cautious to not let the #MeToo movement jump the shark. Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe has refuted a claim in the documentary that James Safechuck was sexually assaulted as a child in Jackson’s Neverland ranch train station in the 1990s. Reed says Robson did so because he was in love with Jackson and saw him as a father figure. Yet Jackson continues to be vilified by many in reaction to the film.

Many critics and journalists repeatedly pointed out this fact as the most "compelling" aspect of the film. In 1993, James Safechuck testified under oath that Jackson never sexually abused him. They had a lot to say about the documentary, even slammed Robson’s previous attempts to sue the estate by saying: The judge found that no rational fact-finder could possibly believe Robson’s sworn statement.
March 15, 2019 by Leaving Neverland Facts.

Period. Cue the renewed debate and outrage. You can read the document for yourself here: Safechuck’s Declaration. We attempt to provide quality information, but the law changes frequently, and varies from place to place. before the allegations). He was too old and his time with Jackson had been too long ago. And no — this is absolutely NOT about discrediting abuse survivors.

If there was ever any question of Jackson spending Thanksgiving with the Safechucks in 1987, it’s worth noting Jackson was on tour, performing in Australia (where he met 5 year old Robson before falling out of touch with him during the years he’s allegedly being molested). Leaving Neverland Debunked in 10 Minutes or Less. He left the church, but still didn’t even celebrate his first Christmas until 1993 when Elizabeth Taylor threw him a party. [EDIT: It is important for me to add here that the second lawsuits were thrown out for more than just statute of limitations issues. Because if you watched a 4 hour special and an Oprah interview, you deserve the other side of the story without getting too much more of your time wasted. In summary, if you are trying to sort out your feelings on Michael Jackson after Leaving Neverland and the Oprah’s stint, it is worth taking a closer look at what IS NOT featured in the documentary just as much as what is featured in it. The judge had already approved the list of people who would testify months in advance, and Safechuck hadn’t made the cut. This clip has since been removed from Leaving Neverland outside of the U.S., although Dan Reed gives the excuse of making room for commercials. 1). 2). No evidence of wrongdoing was ever found. IWD — Carry the weight for those who can’t, How to Know You’re Mansplaining (And Then Stop), Finding American Virtue After George Floyd’s Death, Women Suffer More from Covid-19’s Economic Fallout & Stress at Home, Being Called a Privileged White Karen on Twitter, When Respect for Diversity Is Taken to Crazy Extremes, The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: The Permanent Vacation from Race.

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