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I felt so lucky to happen upon the manga adaptation of Les Misérables. In this world, it's adultery or cheating, I suppose it's called. Manga’s fault or not, it should have been slower. It makes reading more challenging books so much easier for younger audiences. I look forward to reading more Manga Classics in the near future! I read the original book years ago and this manga reminded me about the story and the spiritual journey of the main character very well. ( Log Out /  So how do I review this? In that time, 17th century, if I recalled, Hester was deemed to be punished because of this sin and was asked to tell her partner, but refused to do so.

I still haven't read the novel of Scarlet Letter, and thanks to this graphic novel, I became aware that there's a sect or religion of Puritan that practices purity and simplicity. Obviously I missed several decades of Manga, but better late than never, right? I can't comment on how easy that would be for someone who doesn't already know the plot. A lover of magical books : Book reviews, and general book rambling, a woman in her twenties drinking coffee and reading books, Your Source For Young Adult Books, Unboxings, and All Things Bookish, Let's grab a cup of tea and talk about books. For this one, I remember seing the movie when I was little, but just the ending, and I actually own an ebook copy just waiting for me on my Kindle. It is meant as a form of punishment and everyone in the village despises her and shows her to their children as a bad moral example. Reading the story of Hester Prynne and her scarlet letter is a rite of passage in high school, but that doesn’t always make it an accessible book. But again, the art was incredible. I didn't read the original classic! But, Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter is a nice add for anyone who is considering reading the classic, or who wants to have some side material to further enjoy their reading experience. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. OK, so this probably went on a bit longer than you had anticipated. This manga was as good as the other titles in the Udon Manga Classics series. I comment both Crystal S. Chan and SunNeko Lee for putting this together. In order to express why I loved this one so much, it would probably be beneficial to reveal some of my subjective and very favorite components of fiction, all of which this story and adaptation happens to have in spades.

In this world, it's adultery or cheating, I suppose it's called. Even as an older adult, I can honestly state that I’m really enjoying these Manga Classics. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter.

3.5 stars/ 7 out of 10 Hawthorne.

the elf … This will no doubt help students who would struggle with Hawthorne's writing but who could take away the message of the story and the illustration of what life was like then for playing around outside of marriage. the governor's hall chapter viii. This in no way changes my rating** I think stories like this one are needed today, I certainly got a lot of thoughts within few pages and that’s all because of the novel and the wonderful way it was told in this volume, my applause goes to the brilliant minds who created this manga. I recently told a coworker I wanted to read “Sailor Moon” and I still feel the sting of her laughter. I discovered myself that it's easier to read in all caps, too, incidentally.

Aneela ♒the_mystique_reader♒ I liked it. The book begins and ends with a narrator (who has ma **Thank you to Netgalley and UDON Entertainment for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars/ 7 out of 10 Adobe InDesign CS6 (Macintosh) While the Magna edition faithfully adapted the story, the illustrations (though very beautiful) made most of the characters look very young. An example: the victim, the husband, an old, withered man out for vengeance in the name of Monte Cristo.

Again, I just wish a bit more happened, but that's just my own personal preference. Because this is so driven by pictures and less by words the true feelings of the characters doesn’t feel the same. I must say, this manga adaptation made me want to move it higher on my TBR list. The upper case lettering is something that all comics publishers default to. As always, art style is really good, the plot lines are also very well chosen and I enjoyed the reading experience a lot. The tension and emotion of the story really comes through in the art and dialogue. I’m really enjoying catching up on some Manga Classics that have been on my TBR pile for way too long. I love these manga classics so much The original story was written in 19th century but to even this day, this practice is common. Welcome to the Manga Classics adaptation of The Scarlet Letter.

Okay, so this isn't my favourite story, mostly because not much really happens, and I would definitely never have made it through the original classic, so I'm grateful that these manga versions make reading the classics so much easier and more entertaining. The idea of classics told in form of manga was so abstruse to me, that I just had to give it a try. Oh well.

the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne. It was like experiencing the novel as an appetizer. But I liked the idea of reading manga classics. I’m sure there will be fans out there who eat this stuff up.

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