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È basato sul film I predatori dell'arca perduta del 1981[1] ed è considerato uno dei migliori titoli prodotti per la console di Atari.

Tom Selleck fu il primo attore scelto per il ruolo di Indiana Jones, ma dovette rifiutare poiché aveva firmato un contratto in esclusiva per la serie televisiva Magnum, P.I.. Reportedly, he said something to Spielberg along the lines of, "Why don't we just shoot the sucker?" Gold and artifacts can be picked up in the treasure room which will help the player later in the game. Sul punto di recuperare l'Arca, intervengono ancora i nazisti che gliela sottraggono, e Toth getta Marion nel Pozzo delle Anime su richiesta di Dietrich e contro la volontà di Belloq. [4], Warshaw aveva in mente di fare un gioco simile ad Adventure, un altro gioco di avventura pubblicato per la 2600, ma con una grafica più ricca, con effetti sonori più elaborati e con più rompicapo da risolvere. They threaten Marion to get the headpiece, and her bar is set on fire when Jones comes back to intervene.

The game was developed by LucasArts and Factor 5. The score also featured three other prominent themes: the grand yet mysterious "Ark Theme", a theme associated with Marion, and the loud, pompous Nazi March. Belloq and the Nazis arrive, seize the Ark from Jones, and throw Marion into the Well of Souls with him before sealing it back up. Language From the entrance room, the player can blast a hole in the wall with a grenade and enter the Temple of the Ancients. Studio His old teacher, Abner Ravenwood, was trying to find the Ark and has the headpiece to the Staff of Ra, an important piece that is needed to find it.
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Raiders of the Lost Ark, also known as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, is an American adventure movie that came out in 1981 from Paramount Pictures.The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg.It was produced by George Lucas.It stars Harrison Ford as the main character, Indiana Jones.It is the first part in the Indiana Jones series.. When Jones is lowered to the floor of the temple, he finds it infested with deadly asps and other venomous snakes, including an egyptian cobra, much to Jones' dismay; he has a strong fear of snakes. Jones and Sallah return to the soldiers' camp, and Jones enters a tent to avoid some angry troops. The film co-stars Karen Allen as Indiana's former lover, Marion Ravenwood; Paul Freeman as Indiana's nemesis, French archaeologist René Belloq; John Rhys-Davies as Indiana's sidekick, Sallah; Ronald Lacey as Gestapo agent Arnold Toht; and Denholm Elliott as Indiana's colleague, Marcus Brody. He told his colleague, "I want to see this movie!".

The score would receive an Oscar nomination for best original score, but would lose to Vangelis' electro-synth based score for "Chariots of Fire". Best of RiffTrax's Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg liked the idea, scrapped the rest of the fight scene, and filmed the brief sequence of the shooting that appears in the movie.

He leaves Marion, promising to return for her once the Ark is secured.

Indy and Marion escape just before the plane blows up.

A famous scene from Kasdan's screenplay, which involved Indiana Jones stealing one half of the staff's head piece from an Asian museum, was cut before filming. But Ford fought to do many of the fights and stunts himself, arguing there would not be much else for him to do if he was not in the thick of it. George Lucas officially started the project in 1977.

Spielberg stated on the Bonus Materials DVD that Indy's costume is based exactly on Steranko's first illustration. Raiders of the Lost Ark è un videogioco del 1982 creato per la console Atari 2600. Su Rotten Tomatoes il film ha una percentuale di gradimento del 94% con un voto medio di 9,2 su 10 basato su 71 recensioni[8]. The Nazis capture Ravenwood and makes Jones thinks that she is dead.
The two fly to Cairo and meet Jones's friend Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), a skilled Egyptian digger and archaeologist.

Paramount Pictures (distribution rights)Walt Disney Pictures (general rights) Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 22 set 2020 alle 17:31. Sallah informs them that Belloq and the Nazis are digging for the Well of Souls with a replica of the headpiece, created from the scar on Toht's hand. But his attempt is foiled as several Arabs bodyguards, pretending to be customers, take out their guns and surround Jones. Tornato a Washington con Marion, Jones è furibondo per come l'esercito neghi loro l'Arca e la possibilità di studiarla, in quanto già nelle mani di "qualificati studiosi", mentre in realtà viene rinchiusa in una cassa, marchiata e inserita tra migliaia di altre casse identiche, in uno sconfinato magazzino che raccoglie il materiale top secret. Improvvisamente l'Arca libera tuttavia una forza ultraterrena che fa esplodere le munizioni delle armi e mette fuori uso le apparecchiature elettriche dei tedeschi. With the plane gone, Belloq and Dietrich put the Ark on a truck to Cairo, where it will be shipped to Berlin. The Black Market contains various figures, such as two sheikhs, a Tsetse fly and a lunatic, and items needed to win the game (most notably a shovel).

Per il ruolo di Belloq Steven Spielberg avrebbe invece voluto o Giancarlo Giannini o Jacques Dutronc, ma poiché nessuno dei due sapeva parlare in inglese il ruolo fu affidato a Paul Freeman. However, it is shown that the artifact is sealed in a wooden crate marked top secret and stored in a giant government warehouse, filled with countless other crates.

[4] Whilst all the snakes were fine, one spider fell and died - as a result the movie does not have a 'No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Production' notification.

The pair travel to Cairo, where they meet up with Jones's friend Sallah, a skilled excavator. Tornato all'Università di Princeton, Indiana, unitamente al collega ed amico Marcus Brody, riceve la visita di due agenti dell'Intelligence, che spiegano loro che i nazisti sono ad un passo dal recuperare la mitica Arca dell'Alleanza, contenente frammenti delle tavole dei dieci comandamenti dettati da Dio a Mosè. Spielberg suggested casting Harrison Ford as Jones, but Lucas objected, stating that he didn't want Ford to become his "Bobby DeNiro" or "that guy I put in all my movies." Raiders of the Lost Ark: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the film score to the 1981 Steven Spielberg film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The newer video boxes of the movie on VHS and DVD are titled in order to correlate with the film's prequel and sequel. The ensuing shootout eventually burns down Marion's tavern. Famously when 6000 snakes were bought on set, Spielberg still felt there were not enough, so crew members cut up plastic tubes and placed them carefully between live snakes.

In 1936, atypical archaeologist Indiana Jones and two local guides move through a South American jungle to an ancient temple which houses a golden idol. RiffTrax released their riff in October 2007. Superati i molti trabocchetti ed ostacoli insieme alla sua guida Satipo, riesce finalmente a impossessarsi della statuetta. In 1936, Indiana Jones is trying to find the golden idol in the jungle in Peru.

Il New York Times lo ha inserito nella sua lista dei 1000 migliori film di sempre.[10].

Raiders of the Lost Ark was nominated for eight Academy Awards in 1982 and won four (Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration).

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