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Attempting to connect. - Bucket seats   |   The system was thus entirely electromechanical, without hydraulics, pneumatics or electronics. The car was repainted in France, and driving lights and aftermarket wheels have also been added. Checking for missed updates…, All contents © 2020 The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer, BaT Auction Success Story: Restoring a Citroen SM in 3 (or more) Acts -- Act II. The car no longer had its injection engine, preferable for road use, but was equipped with a genuine Gordini engine from an A110, complete with factory identification plate. The 8 was launched in 1962, and the 10, a more upmarket version of the 8, was launched in 1965. Your real-time updates could not be connected. Reconnected! In September 1965 the Renault 10 Major (branded in some markets as the Renault 1100) was launched, replacing the Renault 8 Major. Also three overall wins in the annual International Total Lourenco Marques Rallies.[20]. Le Pin hilclimb, 8th overall and 2nd group 4 Your bid has been posted in the comment flow on the listing, and you can see other bids there as they happen. - Reinforced short-shift 364 gearbox In 1974, he entered the European Championship, and a 1st place in Group 4 at Mont Cenis in Spain put him at the top of the Championship ! 136–137",,, Comparison tests of R8, R10, Alconi, Gordini 1100 and Gordini 1255 w 5 speed, Renault R8 motorsport achievements in South Africa, Team RedBackRacing in Australia Pages: Renault 8 Gordini and Renault Sport Spider, Renault 10: Reconstrucción de un Clásico Desconocido, The 'new' R10 Alconi Road Test by South African "Car" Magazine, 1967, describing performance, production and availability. As a consequence of this incident, he didn't race during the 1971 season. You are not connected to real-time updates. [13] Although the engine mounted at the back of the Renault 10-1300 was in most respects identical to that fitted at the front of the Renault 12, the unit in the older car was effectively detuned, with a lowered compression ratio and a listed maximum output of 52 PS (38 kW; 51 hp) SAE (48 PS (35 kW; 47 hp) DIN) whereas the unit in the Renault 12 was advertised as providing 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp) SAE (54 PS (40 kW; 53 hp) DIN).

This was type 807-25, prepared as a1860cc engine. This was a Type 1600VB (commercial name 1600S), series number 16808 and with body number 3692. Through their South African subsidiary, Renault Africa Ltd, a special performance version of the 1108cc '8' (model 1132) and '10' (model 1190) was assembled at their East London assembly plant.

About 400–500 vehicles seem to have been sold. A four-speed close ratio manual transmission, dual rear shock absorbers and uprated springs were fitted. La Roquette hilclimb, 4th group 4 Overspray can be seen on some wiring, and the seller notes that the right rear inner fender well has a small rust hole. Announcement: Carfax reports now complimentary with your 1981 and later listings! #16807 is a genuine competition client 1600VB, with an impressive history in hillclimb competitions, driven by a well-known driver from Nice. Mont Dore, 7th overall and 4th group 4 In 1967, the R8 Gordini (model R1135) received a facelift including two additional headlights (in effect Cibie Oscar driving lights), and its engine upgraded to a 1255cc unit rated at 100 PS (74 kW; 99 hp). Hence a new model introduced at say the 1928 Show would be defined as a 1929 model. By then the Renault 10 had already been replaced, two years earlier, by the front wheel drive Renault 12. [14], Engine upgrades resulted in 68 bhp (net) and a performance close to that of the R8 Gordini '1100' and midway between the standard Renault 8 and the 1255cc Gordini. At the Mont Revard en Savoie hillclimb, he even recorded a quicker time than the official Alpine driver, Jean Pierre Nicolas, who was in a competition client 1600 that later sold to Jean Ortelli ! Road & Track First Drive: 1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC, BaT Auction Success Story: Restoring a Citroen SM in 3 (or more) Acts -- Act I, Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Concours d’Elegance. La Roquette hilclimb, retired [3] However, when in 1965 Renault's Spanish affiliate[6] introduced their own version of the Renault 8 for the (then tariff-shielded) Spanish market, it came with drum brakes.

Ampus hilclimb, retired The car has won the Tour de Corse, Rally Poland, Rallye Açores, Rali Vinho da Madeira, Boucles de Spa and Rajdowe Samochodowe Mistrzostwa Polski.

This is a " small " chassis typical of the 70 models, being " mixed " and capable of being used for a 1600 or 1300.

It came with the following options : - Lightweight body In the United States the Renault 10 was offered as "The Renault for people who swore they would never buy another one."[11].

Still with the number 7052 RP 06, it was registered in March 1984 by a Madame Grunenwald from Nice, but the car was no longer driven competitively.

Gourdon Caussols hilclimb, 5th overall and 1st group 4 The rear-mounted engine is a 1289cc unit from a Renault 12 TS and is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. If you win the auction, your card will be charged for the service fee and you pay the seller directly for the vehicle. Additional modifications to the exterior include a set of yellow driving lights, as well as yellow fog lights that are mounted to the front bumper. It was sold new through their dealer network in South Africa and covered by their factory warranty. [8] Although it was described as a form of automatic transmission at the time, in retrospect it was more realistically a form of automatic clutch, inspired by the German Saxomat device which appeared as an option on several mainstream German cars in the 1950s and 60s.

He failed to get support from the Alpine factory, however, and abruptly abandoned the competition.

Gérard Cancade from Saint Laurent du Var became the new owner in August 1984, and he sold it in December 1989 to a certain Pierre Labbé from Seine Saint Denis. Find 1960 to 1970 Renault Cars for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. By then, #16807 was fitted with the wide, flat arches it still has today, so characteristic of this berlinetta. Chamrousse hilclimb, 6th group 4 Also, the Romanian sport version was named Dacia 1100 S.[9][10]. Remarkably, it still has its original chassis and body. [13] In effect this placed Renault in the bizarre position of offering two competing models in the same market category, but the older rear engined design came with a listed price 1,000 francs (approximately 10%) lower and a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph) as against 145 km/h (90 mph) for the entry level Renault 12. ... 1970 - 1980. "Cars in Action" Magazine, August 2010: ...Renaults answer was to team up and produce the highly successful Alconi...the South African homologated Alconi was winning some races outright... "Shell" bulletin on the contents of the R8 Alconi kit, with fitting instructions, Photographs of Renault 8 & 10s, Alconis and Gordinis, "Cars in Action" Magazine, August 2010: History of Saloon Car Racing in South Africa, "Cars in Action" Magazine, December 2010: Alconi, the supercharged sensation, Renault Alconi Collector cars for sale & wanted in South Africa, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 09:59. The car was sold immediately to a local racing driver, Serge Aghazarian, who enjoyed two seasons of hillclimb events in the Alpine, during 1976 and 1977. Privacy Notice Benefits included comparable fuel economy to the manual transmission version, and easy adaptability to the car.

[17] The local concept was intended to increase vehicle sales to a racing mad South African public by taking advantage of their race-track successes in local "Sprint" and "Endurance" races.

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