rumpelstiltskin once upon a time

("The Shepherd"), In Storybrooke's forest, Sheriff Graham is running through it and comes to a sudden stop, seeing a rustling in the bushes, having presumably followed the wolf. When the globe cannot find his son, Mr. Gold tells Belle about the possible danger their child is in. Alice, touched by his selflessness, swears to not let that happen by vowing to be there to remind him of the person he truly is on the inside. Mr. Gold is confronted by Emma with her suspicions about the fire. He is a villain now, thanks to the Black Fairy, and it seems that he's the one destined to kill Emma Swan in the future. Character information The Queen, after her test for Henry has failed, returns to Rumple, who ensures they're still a team and asks if she's still interested in that beginning, for he believes the two of them could actually have a shot at a happy ending. He promises to do this for her, and a very short time later, he tells the Mayor that it's her lucky day: a baby boy is available for adoption (who just so happens to be the son of the savior, Emma). Once he explains the town is invisible and cannot be entered, Cruella and Ursula angrily accost him for leading them on. ("Desperate Souls"), With all that power in his hands, Rumplestiltskin uses his dark magic to slay all the ogres, which ends the war. Hair color: She takes the rose and goes; meanwhile, over in the Enchanted Forest, Emma finds herself forming at the Vault of the Dark One. When we last saw him in Storybrooke, he had finally chosen love over power and found a happy ending with his wife, Belle, and their son, Gideon. As his voice gradually takes on a more impish lithe, Mr. Gold suggestively coaches her on how to begin with one little squeeze on the heart, but Alice cannot do it and shoves the heart into Facilier's chest before fleeing. While in the sacred fairy vault, Fiona begins gathering ingredients as a horrified Tiger Lily discovers she wants to cast a dark curse to send all the children of the Enchanted Forest to another realm to ensure the great evil never reaches her son. ("The Shepherd"), Outside his castle, Rumplestiltskin sights his most hated enemy, Hook, and immediately begins suffocating him until the pirate's companion, Emma, tells him of how he will cast a powerful curse, which she breaks, and and this will reunite him with Baelfire. Together, they venture into the mines to search for Gideon's heart. She agrees, but only if he teaches her to spin straw into gold. ("Heroes and Villains"), While Belle is on cleaning duty, she inquiries about why he spins so much, which Rumplestiltskin states helps him forget the things he lost. This makes Rumple feel sorry for her as he's depriving her of seeing the world, and at the point that she starts talking about her superficial betrothed Gaston, he shows up at the door in order to defeat the Dark One - only for the Dark One to turn him to a rose with magic and give him to Belle as a present. Just as she's about to go through it, Rumple grabs her and demands to know what happens to his son. In the woods, Mr. Gold outsmarts Ingrid by striking a deal for the Sorcerer's box that is supposedly in her possession, though she does not know he has it. Did you see anything unusual out there?" However, he points out that her victory is flawed as she'll have no one to hold it over, and she'll eventually be left with a hole in her heart that revenge just cannot fill. According to Robert, his son was wandering though the house making high-pitched voices and sounds.

When Rumplestiltskin reveals himself, Killian recognizes him as the coward from his ship, but also as the Dark One. Ursula finds it strange he is coming to her for help, and she wonders exactly who they are up against. Malcolm then forces Rumplestiltskin to let go of him, to which the Shadow whisks the boy up higher, causing him to drop the doll. Eventually, Isaac admits he took away Cruella's power to kill, and that's why she wants him dead. The dwarfs take what they're looking for, but before Grumpy leaves, he gives Rumple some of the potion to be used on Belle. Puzzled, Mr. Gold has no idea what she is talking about. Soon enough, Zelena reveals herself to be in the room, and Belle runs away whilst Rumple is forced to tell the others that if they interfere with the Wicked Witch's chance to destroy Regina again, they will all die. ("Lost Girl"), Rumple applies some face-paint over his eye, leading the vision of Belle to comment on him putting back on the mask of a monster. Henry and Red head them off, enraged that the fairy dust is missing, Rumple sends Red flying with a wave of his hand where as Henry is restrained by Regina. Later, Henry approaches his grandfather and asks for an after-school job in the shop; Gold accepts the boy's offer, unaware of the fact that he's only doing it in an attempt to find out more about who wrote his book of fairytales. The locator spell is used on Her Handsome Hero and Belle is soon located across town, with the curse having turned her into a crazed, agoraphobic hermit who fears intruders. She forbids him from using dark magic, and instead theorizes his magic can become light magic, as Merlin once suggested there might be someone who can wield the Dark One powers for good. It is then revealed that she has the warrior princess Merida tied to her car in a tunnel, and she employs the royal redhead to take Mr. Gold in all his cowardliness and make him like her... she needs her to make him brave. Deceased ("Think Lovely Thoughts"), Many years later, Rumplestiltskin arrives home to his wife, Milah, with exciting news - he has been selected to fight in the Ogres War. Nimue points out that she's a woman now and convinces her to take the power; all the other Dark Ones then chant for her to do this and, eventually, Emma listens. During a pizza stop, Mr. Gold asks Emma to convince Neal to come back to Storybrooke. As Will shows Belle the heart, Mr. Gold expresses remorse for lying to her throughout their marriage.

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