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Senna is an FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) laxative.A prescription is not required to purchase senna. Prevents the development of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are one of the more common problems encountered in the gastrointestinal tract. Cassia angustifolia, also known as Senna, is an herb that is fast becoming a critical part of natural medicine. Its effectiveness is further improved if it’s used in combination with psyllium or docusate. The leaves of the senna plant are used in non-prescription medicines and herbal supplements to treat constipation. It should not be Of course, you must use this product responsibility to prevent any possible side effects, such as dehydration. diagnosis or treatment.

In 2010, "Pharmacognosy Research" published an article that found senna leaf extract stopped parasite mobility during a cell-line study. Senna leaves have been extensively used by Ayurveda and other traditional system of medicine as a laxative. Because it is a powerful laxative, Senna leaf has a lapactic effect, which is one of the reasons why it is used in colon cleansing and detoxification. Fasten Weight Loss. The leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in alleviating symptoms of hemorrhoids or obstruction in the rectum that can make defecation a painful experience. The properties and benefits of Sen’s leaf should be known to benefit from them and health benefits.

Regular consumption of senna tea is linked to reduced inflammation. Using cold water to steep the leaves will leave less resin in the tea, so the chances of abdominal …

This article explains the benefits and side effects of senna tea. Also, because it helps in improving your gut’s motility, it will prevent the buildup of fecal material in the rectum, which can cause inflammation. Treats Indigestion. If you suffer from a colon disorder or heart disease, consult with a doctor before taking senna. In this section, you'll find our latest Press Releases arranged in a chronological order. Senna is a shrub. The most common way they are prepared is by boiling them to produce an herbal tea. As well, rats treated with the extract showed signs of improvement in terms of anemia -- low blood iron levels -- and organ damage, both symptoms of the parasite infection. Firstly it helps relieve occasional constipation which often occurs in low fiber weight loss diets. , Drinking more fluids causes you to eat less. Initiatives Investor Centre. Senna leaf can also cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting or an upset stomach and can have an adverse effect on certain medications, including diuretics, blood thinners and digoxin. Lana Billings-Smith has been writing professionally since 1997. . There is not enough research to rate senna …

Alternative Names for the Herb include Cassia Senna, Cassia lentiva, Casia Lanceolata, Wild Senna, Cassia, Cassia officinalis, Cassia angustifolia, Alexandrian Senna, Marilandica, Aethiopica, Senna acutifolia, Nubian Senna, Tinnevelly Senna, Egyptian Senna, East Indian Senna, or locust plant. … While there are many agents you can use for this, one of the best ones out there is senna. That Senna Leaf Extract is good for weight loss? may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. An annual leguminous herb cultivated extensively in the southern parts of the country for its pods and leaves which are used in Ayurveda as well as in modern system of medicines. Historically, Senna has been an important commodity in Egyptian trade. It can be used for cleansing the bowel for procedures such as colonoscopy, diagnostic imaging, and gastrointestinal tract surgery. Some people chew on senna leaf in the same way people chew tobacco to treat oral infections and painful gum infections or gingivitis.

The leaves from Cassia acutifolia Delile are obovate or lanceolate, a bit curly and unequally oblique at the base, greyish-green, have distinctive vein, and come with weak, peculiar odor and sweet taste. Copyright Policy It grows up to 1.2 M. The Homeopathic medicine , Senna is best used to treat : Urine : Sp gr increased Phosphaturia Acetonuria In TCM : Senna Leaves : Fan Xie Ye Medicated Senna Leaves : Chao Shen Qu Meridians associated : Large Intestine. Its primary role is as a laxative, and some research shows that when used in the right dosage, it may help in the treatment of constipation ().Research is ongoing to understand the major benefits of senna. Bowel preparation Senna is considered a safe alternative for preparing the bowel for specific medical procedures involving the gastrointestinal tract. Welcome to Dabur Media Centre.

Senna leaf tea is known as a mild cathartic, which is useful for women who just gave birth; this can help ease their discomfort and accelerate defecation. Compared to other weight loss products, senna leaves cause no adverse effects on the body. Each of these branches contains 4 to 5 pairs of leaves. These investigations suggest that it helps to maintain a harmonious peristalsis of large intestine. Terms of Use Use Senna with Fennel seeds.

Let’s take just a few minutes to learn about the cassia angustifolia herb and the many medicinal uses and health benefits of its leaves. An essential herb, Senna is the base of senna tea, which gets prepared from the beneficial leaves of the Cassia Senna plant. Some of the vital functions of Senna leaves are purgative bowels and heat, easing food retention, and arresting internal bleeding. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse It is perennial.

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It is a bowel preparation formula that causes minimal side effects in a wide range of patients. Senna leaves have been extensively used by. Its fruit, classified as a legume, is flat and oblong in shape, containing up to 6 seeds. This plant is included in the list of closely related species that are collectively known as Senna: Senna alexandrina, Cassia lanceolata, Cassia senna, and other members of the genera Cassia and Senna. 6) Digestive Benefits. 7. It is one of the safe and effective remedies in the treatment of constipation.

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