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Customers in rural areas have concerns about charging and range, he said. We'd like yet more battery - as there's space enough for it across this large-scale vehicle - and the infotainment start-up needs to be faster. More important, perhaps, is choosing the leather seats - as they're super comfy. So you may need to consider the additional cost of a charging port at home. } } overflow: hidden; .col-md-4,.col-md-7{ So if you're in the market for an estate that delivers the benefits of genuinely practical plug-in hybrid technology then look no further.


}); The name of the first model from the brand is ENYAQ, developed on the MEB modular electrification toolokit of the Volkswagen Group. and also iPads specifically.

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The customizable Pininfarina Battista Residenza wallbox will launch in Europe and North America. .loading:not(:required) { width: 100% !important; Initially, these images showed up on the Spanish server Motor16, from where they were immediately deleted – although not before various Twitter and Instagram accounts got a hold of them, as did Czech outlet transition: all 0.3s; The Skoda electric vehicle strategy, called the Vision E concept will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017.{display:none;}

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What the Superb iV is, however, is a very comfortable place to be. width: 80px !important;

We can scale and adjust to some extent if customer demand changes," Maier said.
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1155 Gratiot Avenue .accordion-toggle {border-bottom: 1px solid #fff; background: #698597; cursor: pointer;margin: 0;padding: 10px 20px;position: relative; color: #fff;}

*/ Then you’ve got the all-wheel drive variants, with a 262 HP (265 PS) model that also has an 82 kWh battery and a total range of 286 miles (460 km), plus the Enyaq RS, with its 302 HP (306 PS). , and combines the ‘E’ for e-mobility with the characteristic ‘Q’ of ŠKODA’s SUV family. /* Transparent Overlay */ margin: 0 -3px; padding: 6px 0px !important;

} Le tarif annoncé est de 14 000€ bonus déduit et non pas 20 000€ ! } The name really doesn't lie - we're yet to drive a better plug-in hybrid all-rounder.Read full verdict.

Skoda is to steer clear of smaller electrified models for the foreseeable future, after a senior executive confirmed the axing of the Citigo-e iV and insisted there are no current plans for plug-in versions of any model smaller than the Octavia. /* padding: 0 0 20px; */ } list-style: none;

.myfont{text-align:left;} tech. border-radius: 50%; jQuery(this).next().slideToggle('600'); .loading:not(:required):after { Skoda has said 25 percent of all its cars sold by 2025 will be electrified and the brand plans to launch more than 10 electrified cars by the end of 2022, including plug-in and mild-hybrid models.

Where a hybrid makes a lot of sense is for those longer journeys though. } .listcol3 {

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} One CNG tank is } width: 45px !important; .list span { content: ''; .ggg{ border:none !important;} Si vous avez des questions concernant le véhicule Skoda Citigo électrique, toute la communauté vous attend pour échanger et discuter sur le forum voiture électrique. .ratingbox:not(:checked) > label:hover, Week 7 2020 Skoda names its first EV Silently start up the Superb iV Estate and you've got a few options for power: an 'E' button to the centre tunnel can toggle between all-electric (no petrol consumption at all), or Hybrid (which uses a combination of electric and petrol, recouping charge from regenerative braking). to collaborate with start-ups and universities on emerging automotive float:left; right: 20%; text-align: center; width: 110px; One CNG tank is } Je l’ai vue au Luxembourg, a un peu plus de 17000€ le 12/02/2020, 14000€ ce n’est pas possible car le bonus n’est pas de 6000€ mais de 27% limité à 6000€ En admettant que le prix de base soit de 20000€, le bonus serait de 5400€….

left:2px; New Skoda Enyaq SUV enters the electric SUV class with 316-mile range Skoda’s sales & marketing boss Alain Favey said, “The Citigo is as good as gone. The CNG drive produces a maximum .et_pb_text_0{ .et_pb_text_inner span{ Week 9 2018 Skoda committed to fossil fuels

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float: none; height: 30px; transform: rotate(0deg); Octavia RS iV The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is said to have lapped the Nurburgring in around 6:43. Skoda is the last if the Volkswagen Group of companies to unveil its electric vehicle strategy. }

Skoda’s sales & marketing boss Alain Favey said, “The Citigo is as good as gone.

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overflow: hidden; The on-board stereo is rather limited in its abilities too, something that not even an upgrade is going to elevate to epic proportions in this car.

font-size: 1em; VISION X at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 this week. } text-align: right; .bgblack{ background:#000 !important;} .col-sm-6 { .strtpositoion{ We also know that the Enyaq comes with full-LED matrix headlights and LED taillights, and that it boasts a cD value of 0.27, which is an impressive aerodynamic figure for a vehicle this size. text-align: center;

font-weight: bold; -o-transform: rotate(360deg); Skoda’s strategy will kick-off with a plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2019, the ŠKODA SUPERB PHEV followed by an all-electric version of its popular city car, the Citigo. .img_rating .divrating{

/* Animation */ 0% { Three new EV models launched this week. The name of the first model from the brand is ENYAQ, developed on the MEB modular electrification toolokit of the Volkswagen Group. padding-left: 0px !important;

} -moz-transform: rotate(0deg); background-color: #fff; width: 60px !important; “I don’t believe that plug-in is really a technology that’s suited to smaller cars,” he said, “but in the fleet market, responding to the different government incentives, I think the Octavia and Superb are exactly what we need. The company announced this week that it would unveil the ŠKODA border: none; color: #1575b8; A domicile, il est possible de recharger la Citigo électrique de deux manières : A l’extérieur ou pour les plus longs trajets, il est possible de recharger la Citigo électrique sur une borne rapide.

color: #fff !important; display: inline-flex; "Individual mobility will be more expensive, there's no doubt about that," he said. Originally revealed by Auto Express back in March 2019, the Scala vRS proposal was seen as significant because it would have forced the VW Group to introduce plug-in electrification on its smaller MQB A0 platform, which supports the Scala but also the likes of the VW T-Cross, SEAT Arona and Audi A1. left: 23px !important;

Découvrez la gamme ŠKODA ! cursor: pointer; } VISION S But Favey told us, “We presented a plug-in concept around the time of the launch of Scala, I remember. -ms-transform: rotate(360deg); width: 90px;

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padding: 5px 10px; emissions of only 89 g/km. Logé sous le plancher, le pack batteries affiche des dimensions particulièrement compacte : 1,1 x 1,7 m mais surtout une hauteur contenue à 30 centimètres qui permet de conserver la même habitabilité que sur les versions thermiques. Favey said Skoda aims to offer a package that will entice customers to want to spend that amount.

The Skoda's Enyaq iV is the Czech brand's first bespoke electric car. .mobile_select{ left: 0; A small thing, but we've got to nitpick when so little else about this car feels askew. Skoda Pure Electric Models max-width: 100%; .ratingbox { -moz-animation: spinner 1500ms infinite linear; height: 100%;{content:"";position:absolute;right:10px;top:17px;width:0;height:0;border-bottom:5px solid #fff;border-left:5px solid rgba(0,0,0,0);border-right:5px solid rgba(0,0,0,0);} .carlist {

.carno{ border-collapse: collapse; }

font-size: 4em !important; border: 1px solid #e6e6e6;

-moz-transform: rotate(360deg); Grâce à VISION E, ŠKODA nous donne un aperçu du futur mais aussi de la mobilité individuelle de l’entreprise.

color: #4d4d4d; font-weight: 600; @keyframes spinner { z-index: 999;


En matière d’autonomie, la marque communique sur une valeur de 265 kilomètres en cycle WLPT. A standard socket will charge the car, too, it's just slower. text-align: center;

font-size: 28px; This Skoda’s strategy remains stubbornly committed to fossil fuels as the

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