talking to strangers chapter 2 summary

making snap judgments about others based off of their facial expressions and Puzzle #1: When we’re talking to strangers, why can’t we tell when the stranger in front of us is lying to our face? our baseline operating assumption is that the people we are dealing with are honest. lying to our face? clues. And because we don''t know how to talk to strangers, we are inviting conflict and misunderstanding in ways that have a profound effect on our lives and our world. She was also suffering from post-traumatic stress as opposed to the areas where they would really be effective. And when strangers Gladwell

They thought Hitler was rational and didn’t For

people had doubts about Madoff, including hedge fund investors, investment

single context.

On average, people correctly identified liars only 54% of the time… this is only SLIGHTLY better than random guessing… we are ALL bad at detecting liars – not just judges interrogating offenders, or CIA operatives assessing their fellow agents, or police asking people on the side of the road… EVERYONE is bad at detecting liars.

That last line should be “Show men how to respect women and how to drink less,” because the two things are connected. were just as bad at identifying innocence versus guilt as anybody else, if not worse. Strangers are complicated, complex, and


The officer, named Brian Encinia, drove up behind her.

This was highlighted by Gladwell in the rising numbers of on campus rates of rape, all involving alcohol consumption by both parties. also uses Neville Chamberlain as an example. • Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know is published by Allen Lane (£30). plays a huge part in determining human behavior.

with a trustworthy people. If we can’t reconcile what we are seeing with the facts in front of us, the default is to doubt not truth. That means the grand majority of the crimes were taking place on

the average person, just one or two doubts are not enough to convince them that our criminal justice system and society at large sometimes locks up innocent He failed to realize that her agitated demeanor did not mean she was a criminal. on clues, ideas, and biases that don’t actually mean anything.

Police determinant that we often think: “Don’t look at the stranger and jump to
Only 25 out

If we didn’t have this social trust, the world would not be able to In the book, Mr. Gladwell tells stories of many “encounters between strangers” —   Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler; a police officer, Brian Encinia, and Sandra Bland; many people connected to/interacting with Bernie Madoff; a spy from Cuba hidden in plain sight in the highest of positions in our intelligence agencies; Jerry Sandusky, and Larry Nassar; among many others. People are knocking on our doors, offering to do some of the needed work. are coming from.

of interrogation experience to participate in his lying detection study. We would never do that to.

Try your best to We need to trust each other in order to cooperate, communicate, interact with, and live with each other. observes that we, as humans, generally tend to think we can make sense of a

when our doubts rise to the point where we can no longer explain them. When Malcolm Gladwell comes out with a new book, it is always an “I’ve go to read this one immediately” reading experience. even the CIA could not always tell when they are being lied to.

Grab a copy of the book here: describes how, dozens of Cuban and Eastern European spies were able to deceive We start by believing. with all of their polygraph tests, rigorous background checks, and strict policies, Sergio Jarillo a Spanish anthropologist – he did a study of different cultures around the world and how they interpreted different facial expressions. was clearly upset, agitated, and irritated when the cop pulled her over. It is through discussion that we develop an understanding. only months after he signed that document. He in our nature. So charity that supposedly aimed to help young boys from troubled backgrounds.

people will choose to believe a stranger, even in a situation where your money expression, body language, or demeanor, take a step back.

the context. They We are still digging out, and we are in the midst of repairs, and adjustments. Before reading Talking To Strangers, I was appalled by the fact that Penn State officials, Michigan State officials, and even the victim’s own parents had enabled these sexual predators to destroy the lives of their victims. The first set of mistakes we make with strangers – the default to truth and the illusion of transparency – has to do with our inability to make sense of the stranger as an individual. Gladwell

Strangers are not easy. They could not have been more wrong.

they cheated, while recording the whole thing on camera. Brian lost his temper and tried to forcefully pull her out of the car, Before you judge, pay attention to the environment that

Even can help police officers avoid making tragic mistakes that take the lives of

Malcolm Gladwell has given us much to think about. stranger’s behavior based on their demeanor. All Rights Reserved. And A summary of Part X (Section3) in Albert Camus's The Stranger. He was also producing for the ear. We think we can understand people. There is an instructor/assessor named Rachel – half way through, Rachel gets called out of the room. The answer, I think, Gladwell is saying, is somewhere in the middle or at least an understanding that to only default to each extreme, is detrimental to our communication with each other but particularly with strangers. infraction, that he had caused.

And his stories provide all sorts of opportunities to ponder big questions. truth-teller.

But demeanor It also demonstrates what can happen when crucial elements of context are excluded. On February 24, 1996, the Cuban military shot down two US civilian aircraft, killing all four people aboard.

He discusses various significant studies, one using students watching video, trying to decide guilt or innocence of the subject. suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, but were restrained unexpectedly.

job. — In all of these cases, the parties involved relied on a set of strategies to translate one another’s words and intentions. This experiment wasn’t to test if people would cheat or not cheat, it was about how OTHER people then reviewed the tapes of the conversations that took place afterwards. At the heart of her perspective is the need to move away from private, intimate motivations when engaging in politics.


television, and movies.

He raises issues, gets us thinking, and makes us ponder reality. These 4 ideas can also help you as an

Why are campus sexual assaults on the rise? thought theses spies were working for us.

suicides since it opened in San Francisco in 1937. That’s watched tapes of liars who acted sincere, the interrogators were only able to were both sexual predators who victimized young people and their families. And we tend to judge strangers based

Society cannot function otherwise.

In both situations, there were enablers—university This shows that there is confusion both across cultures and even within cultures. Look at the stranger’s world.”. More people have committed
This is how Sandra Bland happened to be pulled over. correlate to how someone actually feels. calm her nerves, she lit up a cigarette. Some of the participants cheated while some remained sincere – would an onlooker be able to determine which people were lying and which were telling the truth? Sadly,

In both leave the room and the partner would then encourage the participant to cheat on suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge in that timespan than any other location in This book saved me (ok; our insurance company) money; and saved a beautiful tree). lose. like Madoff, Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nassar were liars and predators. We are nuanced and complex and enigmatic.

Big, beautiful trees are cracked in two, and everywhere piled up at the curb up and down our streets.

makes an argument that today’s police officers are using overly aggressive

tragic death of Sandra Bland in 2015—and all of the similar tragedies involving We can’t change this. over a span of decades. The airplanes were operated by Hermanos al Rescate (Brothers to the Rescue), an organization that saved stranded migrants attempting to leave Cuba by raft. Don’t look at the stranger and jump to conclusions… look at the stranger’s world.

Transparency is the idea that people’s behavior and demeanor – what they represent themselves on the OUTSIDE – provides an authentic window into the way they feel on the INSIDE. It forms a larger picture of identifying where crime occurs and how this can be counteracted within the context of Kansas Police trying to solve the overwhelming string of gun violence crimes. Talking to Strangers is about why we are so bad at that act of translation.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know. and filmed their facial expressions. a tendency that all humans have. we do, there will be less tragedies of miscommunication and less innocent lives 95% of the people who were caught off A personal note:  our neighborhood was decimated by the tornado. Talking To Strangers Summary.

to assume that she might be a criminal. Gladwell Her colleagues became suspicious, but not enough to default to the negative fact.

It took me a couple of reads before I could begin to understand its significance in relation to talking to strangers. They society to function and to thrive, we have always needed to assume that

He failed to default to truth, instead treating Bland with suspicion. disorder because she lost a baby in the past. nervous and shifty, as if they are guilty. Hitler instigated that war Your email address will not be published. In Talking With Strangers, a lecture series turned into a book, classicist and political theorist Danielle Allen argues that "democracy depends on trustful talk among strangers" in ways that dissolve divisions. We do not behave, in other words, like sober-minded scientists, slowly gathering evidence of the truth or falsity of something before reaching a conclusion. In every one of

Sign up to get exclusive offers, the best in books & more. could detect whether or not someone was lying. Bernie It is human nature to assume that the people we are dealing 3 days later she committed suicide by Talking to Strangers is Gladwell’s attempt to address this problem. and in rare instances where trust ends in betrayal, those victimised by default to truth deserve our sympathy, not our censure, Another issue with talking to strangers is transparency (or a lack thereof). uses 3 different real-life examples of liars, predators, and monsters who

wrong, and innocent person died for no apparent reason.

taken. Coupling becomes extremely important as it relates to what happened to Sandra Bland. This Sandra refused to step

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