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In recent days, the media (including some of the same newspapers that mocked me in September) have been reporting new science which appears to confirm that we are indeed in a cosmic danger zone, just as I warn in Magicians of the Gods. Graham rightly champions the cause that addressing space weather (and consciousness!) Mr Hancock, you bring a very real and awakening tone to this site and having read Fingerprints of the Gods only last year I’m looking forward to the rest of this book. Here’s a link to some info on Vulcan. Space weather matters. The Nommo spoke of how the galaxies spiral which reminds me of the movement of the snakes up/down the staff. What happens on the moon is therefore an indicator of what can happen here unless we act responsibly, and with foresight, to do something about it: http://www.space.com/34372-new-moon-craters-appearing-faster-than-thought.html, Fortunately some are thinking of doing something about it. More editions of Magicians here: https://grahamhancock.com/magicians/. Nice one.

If the attractions were strong enough, the two planets could be torqued in their celestrial motions ending up with today’s arrangements. There is no need for gloom and doom. It is indeed a scandal that so much money is wasted by some empire-building countries in an attempt to achive global domination (military, economic and social) rather than in investing in the technology and research needed to save all of us from another comet impact. I do not wish to speak for Graham, but I imagine he is leaning towards comet strikes as the culprit of a global cataclysm. The problem, however, is that the human species presently seems to lack the will for rational and responsible action, and to be far too choked up with fear, hatred and suspicion to undertake a grand project for the collective benefit of mankind, preferring instead to devote the big budgets to destructive and dangerous military spending and the insanity of mutually assured nuclear destruction. , Also the galaxies clashing would be referring to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and the Milky Way.

Graham, if you had to make a guess and settle on one of these three causes, comet/asteroid impact, solar flare with corona mass ejection, or vulcanic/seismic catastrophe, which one do you think likely caused the set-back which wiped out the advanced civilization whose traces you and others are documenting? The technology already exists to sweep our cosmic environment clean of potential threats and to ensure that we do not become the next lost civilization. I have read many articles/ had some insight on how there is another galaxy (which would explain the binary code) which has an elongated orbit, representing the verticle part of the cross/caduceus. Orbiting platforms are probably a first step toward other planets even the Moon and Mars, but I think inhabiting spheres away from falling rocks will take some doing. As someone said, these comets have been stripped on every orbit past the sun.

Using the diagram of the nano-diamonds distribution, the water of the Atlantic Ocean would be lifted skyward and dropped on North America, and all oceans would destroy their shoreline civilizations.

My forthcoming events: http://grahamhancock.com/events/. Is the pathway of this crossing of galaxies represented as the cross? I must admit I’m a little ‘ant-zee’ about getting off or away from falling mountains, comet chunks, and what not. The paperback, revised and extended, is now out and available in the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1444779702/theofficialgra0b. Near earth objects are rarely reported in the mainstream media, unless their trajectory is firmly established. by Graham Hancock, Brian C. Muraresku

Hancock believes what hit the earth in 10,950 BC was a giant rock from the, which contains millions of space rocks. As a species veering toward surviving another calamity or two or three there seems a need for an ability to survive and operate (ATSO) after attack or strikes.

Details of Magicians of the Gods free signed bookplate offer (US only) here: http://us.macmillan.com/smp/promo/magiciansofthegodsgiveaway. Top notch ! Applies whether you pre-order the audio, hardback or electronic editions. .
I am yet to read your new book, but of this much I am already certain: As for my perception of the mainstream media: in general it is quite to the contrary.

Nights of the Witch Keep banging the drum! I would think so anyway. Were we to suffer another impact such as that which (according to the available evidence) occurred 12,800 years ago, their Empire (and they themselves) would not last a week. Other sources quoted heavy weather warnings, but Every fleet worldwide was involved. PS I Watched one of your lectures on YouTube. ‘Planet Nine’ Can’t Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say.

We’re in a record breaking solar minimum, human behaviour and world events are also connected to these energies. Manu – Have you read Magicians of the Gods yet? http://users.telenet.be/j.janssens/Spaceweather.html, are the drivers of every natural event on earth. Don’t get too upset about the media – after all, their driver is selling copy rather than putting forward carefully considered arguments! AoM Archive. It could be that NASA has reason to down play similar things related to it. That’s NOT an approval from me regarding their continued secrecy in such matters of space exploration. It turned out to be a near miss, but the mainstream media reported nothing. No surprise here then, that they would contradict themselves within a matter of weeks. http://www.space.com/34070-earth-vulnerable-to-major-asteroid-strike.html, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/earth-could-be-at-risk-of-meteor-impacts-and-we-might-wrongly-have-assumed-we-are-in-a-safe-era-a6702501.html, http://www.space.com/33576-asteroid-defense.html, http://www.space.com/34372-new-moon-craters-appearing-faster-than-thought.html, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/10/12/scientists-propose-space-nation-named-asgardia-and-cosmic-shield/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWmaiexDRGs, https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1444779702/theofficialgra0b, ‘Planet Nine’ Can’t Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say, http://www.barry.warmkessel.com/1997Paper.html#ABSTRACT, http://www.swift.ac.uk/gcn/index.php#index, http://users.telenet.be/j.janssens/Spaceweather.html, https://www.heartmath.org/research/global-coherence/gcms-live-data/. Worth keeping an eye on is reports of objects in a localised area of the ort cloud moving in the opposite direction. And here for further details of the scientific paper on which the press reports are based: https://www.ras.org.uk/news-and-press/2729-scientists-find-link-between-comet-and-asteroid-showers-mass-extinctions. AoM for Oct 2020, See the

The astronomers whose work I review in Magicians of the Gods, are convinced that multiple large and deadly fragments of the same original giant comet are STILL circulating in the Taurid meteor stream, the path of which the Earth crosses twice a year (June/July and Oct/Nov), and pose a clear and present danger to the future of human civilization and perhaps even to all life on our planet.

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