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[3] This incarnation is a strike team that cleans up the messes left by Ross' military career, but the team later decides on a new arrangement in which the team will do one mission for Ross, then a mission for a random member. Ross possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. 3 #1 (January 2008), created by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness, but his identity as Ross was not revealed until later. Although the details varied over the years, the Hulk usually possessed little of Banner's memories and intelligence, and was easily enraged. Characters such as Wolverine and Punisher managed to pierce the Red Hulk's hide. In his absence, he was dishonorably discharged from the armed forces. Facing off against Ross, Red Hulk appears to kill the general. His daughter, Betty, takes a liking to the young scientist, a fact which only enhances the dislike the rough Ross has for the "weakling" scientist Banner. [43], But the strain of Ross's heroic act was too much for his aged body. But Rulk was still not dead. Ross appears as an antagonist in the 1982 series. Ross is attacked by Omegex, and the pair engage in a lengthy battle. However, he is also frequently seen in an Air Force uniform, as in his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #1. Many early Hulk stories depicted Ross as an Army general trying to capture or destroy the Hulk with a U.S. Army battalion called the "Hulkbusters". [59], After his defeat at the hands of the Hulk, Ross was imprisoned in Gamma Base.

During the battle, Red Hulk and Venom were thrown away by Blackheart, Flash gave the symbiote to Red Hulk and it bonded with him as well as the Spirit, thus becoming the new Ghost Rider. Now a machine hybrid, Zero/One viewed the Red Hulk as the main obstacle to her ambitions. He killed the King Warka, and was surprised to find this made him the new king.

(She was saying red because of Red Hulk's skin color.) However, as he is not seen to eat in bulk often, it is unsure whether this is the case or not for Red Hulk, or even the Green Hulk for that matter. Following the creation of the Hulk, Ross became involved in hunting the monster down.

His daughter, Betty, takes a liking to the young scientist, deepening Ross' dislike for the "weakling".

This is an abridged version of Thaddeus Ross' history. However, when the new Frightful Four attacked the Fantastic Four in the Baxter Building, Red Hulk came to their rescue. [41], Comics featuring the Red Hulk have sold well but received mixed reviews. Ross appears in the episode "Heavy Mettle," voiced by Eric Bauza.

[22] The 2009 "Code Red" story arc[16] also made allusions to Red Hulk's real identity, and introduced a Red She-Hulk character, when Domino identifies Red Hulk before his transformation. Red Hulk becomes haunted by all those who he is responsible for allowing to die.

[36], Marvel editor Mark Paniccia described the Red Hulk as "absolutely uninhibited, tactically intelligent",[12] while writer Jeph Loeb said "The Red Hulk is the kind of Hulk we haven't seen before—a thinking, calculating, brutal weapon-toting kind of Hulk."
[94], "Thunderbolt" Ross currently possesses no super human abilities, after being injected with a cure for his Gamma-derived mutations. Because of this, he was paroled following Hydra's downfall as part of an entire program set up for Hydra resistors with shady pasts. and the Intelligencia. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), 529 Appearances of Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616), 53 Minor Appearances of Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616), Media Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616) was Mentioned in, 509 Images featuring Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616), 46 Quotations by or about Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616), Character Gallery: Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616), He continued to weather attacks from heroic forces, but his identity remained secret. Doc Green sets out to rid the world of Gamma-powered heroes and villains, and develops a cure to rob them of their abilities. and might signify an energy balance factor seen primarily in shrew-like animals, where to maintain an extremely high body temperature and subsequent physical energy, the body requires immense intake of protein. Then, to save Betty, Bruce Banner hurled himself into the mutant's path, and thereby himself became the mutant's victim.

Ross appears as a general who was previously responsible for imprisoning Banner's father due to his dangerous experiments, and distrusts Banner's current work. It was then that Fortean injected him with nanites.
Ross is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and authorizes the use of nuclear weapons on superhumans. [62], Ross found himself assaulted by General Fortean, his former protege who had started to hunt the Red Hulk out of the belief that he had killed Ross. After Banner's transformation into the Hulk, Ross spends years chasing the monster, becoming obsessed enough with it to commit treason by allying himself with the Leader, M.O.D.O.…

"Seeing Red", Jeph Loeb (w), Ed McGuinness (p), Mark Farmer (i).

In Hell, Mephisto offered the heroes a new chance to live in exchange for defeating Blackheart. He found Doc Green in San Francisco, and engaged him in combat.

After Banner's transformation into the Hulk, Ross spends years chasing the monster, becoming obsessed enough to commit treason by allying himself with the Leader, MODOK, and the Abomination[5] to destroy the Hulk.

They were soon attacked by what appeared to be the mystical manticore. [47][48], Red Hulk has been merchandised in the form of action figures[76][77] and miniature statues. However, while his counterpart is able to regenerate more and more with anger, this isn't possible for Rulk as his strength levels cannot increase in rage. He is now the U.S. Secretary of State and works closely with the Sokovia Accords. 1, Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human,, Although Ross's hair is grey, the Red Hulk has got black hair, possibly due to Banner having blackish greenish hair in his Hulk transformation, Red Hulk is a playable character in The Incredible Hulk video game if you purchase the copy of the video game from Gamestop, Unlike Banner, Red Hulk can turn back at will, seen as he remained in Red Hulk form while unconscious for several hours, The Red Hulk is identical to Hulk, except for being red, having white eyes completely and having black hair.

Having all of the attempts fail, the Red Hulk had decided to shoot Blonsky and kill him, possibly because he had no use for him. Doc Samson is very opposed to this, claiming the events that led to his creation and the creation of the Hulk cannot be replicated and any experimentation would only result in uncontrollable monsters. [99] However, this scale is only for comparing characters with each other, and not remotely to be taken literally.

Ross appears in this game.

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