toyota prius c review

It's the maintenance! The steering is reasonably responsive and weighted well, and body lean isn't too bad. Did you? In the winter I get closer to 30. And with proper usage the breaks can last over 100 thousand miles too before they must be changed! Moving away from traffic lights on the flat, or the slightest incline, will quickly result in the internal combustion unit intervening to assist momentum. The Prius C is the best car for the value on the market, hands down.

Pay $3000 more for the $26,990 i-Tech and added to the mix are satellite navigation, LED headlights and higher-grade seat and interior materials. by Wagon ethusiast

from atlanta, ga 9 out of 9 people found this review helpful. on Sat Jul 27 2013, I am very happy with my car purchase. I easily enter freeways at the posted speed limit, and easily pass other cars on the freeway. My biggest complaint is that I am big (decent) sized guy at 6 foot 2 inches and do not have the room I would like in the driver seat.

The Prius is deservedly renowned for being a fuel-sipper, but numb steering and a chassis with a reluctance for corners has meant the hybrid Toyota has always been more about hugging trees rather than the road.

by JCDOCPC I truly am getting the mileage advertised and better....couldn't be happier. They’ll certainly have no problem fitting three friends in the back of the Prius C, providing none is too lanky. Toyota’s hybrid system also continues to be superior to Honda’s. And if a $23,990 starting price can’t get more hybrids onto driveways, it’s difficult to imagine what will. I've been surprised at the interior space. In the summer I am getting near 60 mpg on a regular basis. It didn't feel good at the start of my commute, and was quite bothersome after an hour of holding onto and turning the wheel. We managed an average of 5.4L/100km on the launch drive, a commendable figure considering we also found some terrifically twisty roads (not featured officially on the drive program) where we tried to find out whether the Prius C is more fun to drive than a Prius. New for this Prius, though, is the multi-information, 3.5-inch thin film transistor (TFT) display that encourages Prius C owners to drive economically. Ads can be annoying. The steering still gives little back to the driver but otherwise the Prius C is a less detached experience for the driver. This Prius c seemed like the best replacement, and is just right for us. In a similar vein to Honda’s tree-growing challenge on its Insight and CR-Z hybrids, the Prius C includes an Eco Score that marks the driver out of 100 after comparing driving efficiency with the past 100 trips – as well as noting driving habits including standing starts (Start), normal driving (Cruise) and regenerative braking (Stop). However, the steering wheel feels as though it's coated in a plastic akin to high-grit sandpaper. The Prius C (we’re ignoring Toyota’s marketeers who insist on a lower-case ‘c’) is based on a tweaked version of the Toyota Yaris city car’s platform so it’s no surprise that its 3995mm length makes it nearly half a metre shorter than the regular Prius. Save cars. First tuneup is at 115,000 miles! We are very happy with the car.

The base Prius C starts at $22,460, and ours came in at $24,534. It only takes a few seconds. Toyota may be developing a plug-in hybrid Corolla, according to a report from Japanese auto website Best Car Web.

The dealer and car purchase experience was the best I have been through so far. As a current or future Prius c owner, you'll still receive great service from your Toyota Service Center. We appreciate the hatchback and can thankfully fit our 2 year old's car seat in our vehicle. I would not suggest taking it on long trips. While the initial application of the brake pedal is still a touch wooden, the Prius C sheds speed and comes to a standstill in a far smoother fashion than the overly sensitive Prius. Sign Up, Already have an account? The Energy Monitor makes the transition into the smaller Prius, graphically displaying the power flow between engine, electric motor and battery. Toyota blames the outcome on an anomaly of the government test cycle, because the Prius C’s ‘urban’ and ‘extra urban’ figures are both lower – 3.7L/100km and 3.8L/100km, respectively. Our Take on the 2016 Toyota Prius c. Editor’s note: This review was written in July 2015 about the 2015 Toyota Prius c. Little of substance has changed with this year’s model. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. However the surprising BONUS of owning these cars is left out of most reviews.

Yes it's GREAT on gas...but there's more!!!

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