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The Witch: A New England Folktale, or simply The Witch (stylized as The VVitch) is a 2015 period supernatural horror film written and directed by Robert Eggers in his feature directorial debut.The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson.

I suppose he was "killed" by the former Witch in the Window, similar to how Sahara killed people in "The Ring." The ending really shows the true madness and power that Thomasin was up against. It's a new world to these people, it's unknown, it's terrifying, and so they built these myths to keep those in line with their religious practices (witches use sex/masturbation, murder, and worship Satan... all bad things to Puritans). And what I interpreted the ending to be was this: the witch in the window was a prisoner/guardian of the house. The second half, which is from the kiss to Thomison walking into the barn to finally confront Black Phillip, gets a good 7.5-8/10, since the general craziness somewhat detracts from the tension and mystery before. She then mentions that the only way she can be free is if he takes her place. Escaping would mean he loses the house, he continues damaging his family, etc. Suuuuper late here, but I just saw the film last night and I felt compelled to point out that in the scene directly after Samuel's sacrifice, we see Thomasin (who feels responsible for his disappearance and is obviously racked by guilt over it) groaning in her sleep from an obvious nightmare.

Anya is the one family member that seems to deeply regret the banishment that is forced upon them.

How I Felt At The End: Just cause I saw it coming doesn’t make the inexorable approach of disaster and self-knowledge any less compelling. "I said I'm gonna make some fondue and cheddar.". Catwoman TV Show Set In The Matt Reeve’s Batman Universe Reportedly In Development For HBO MAX, TRANSFORMERS War for Cybertron Trilogy SIEGE Ending Explained + EARTHRISE Post Credits Scene Breakdown, UMBRELLA ACADEMY SEASON 2 Ending Explained Breakdown, Theories, Predictions & Full Spoiler Talk Review, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2 Is Better Than Season 1 | Spoiler Free (ish) Review, THE BOYS Season 2 Explained: Plot, Release Date, Comic-Con Panel, Theories, Cast & Everything We To Know, TRAIN TO BUSAN 2 반도 Peninsula Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review, CURSED Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown & Spoiler Review + Season 2 Predictions & Theories, The Batman Who Laughs Review | DC GRAPHIC NOVELS, SNOWPIERCER SEASON 1 Ending Explained + Season 2 Predictions & Fan Theories | Episode 9 & 10 Breakdown. They tried to be rid of her several times during the movie and made her feel massively unwelcome. The way I was looking at it was this; would Inception have been a better movie if they told us the last scene was a dream or not? The phone call gave me a great creep factor. Did you take a different interpretation from the film and is there anything I missed that further backs up my theory? Towards the end of the film, she appears to the father as his wife and explains that him escaping her dimension would lead to his family's ruin. Anya felt unaccepted by both God and her family. Now that he is the new "witch" in the window, the house is safe and inhabitable for his wife and son to live in.
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Her father who was a devout man, hated her and framed her, poisoning her family against her to the point that her mother attempted to murder her. Weren't they trying to avoid eating the rotten corn though? It showed Thomasin giving up on God, because why would he let such a loyal, pious family to suffer in this way? This would massively outweigh the negatives that she has faced thus far in her past life and would seem like the best way forward. And those scores are based more on the first viewing impression, but the more I think about it the more the whole thing drops just because the ending removes weight and gravitas from the previous events. Was it a punishment from God? The Good Son, You-Jeong Jeong. It surprises/scares/shocks you with the narrative and writing, which I found to be really effective. In order to fully understand this, we have to look at the character of Anya from the start and decipher why she has such an evil turn. An emotional movie that I was really happy I watched. Their life force is just sorta taken from them.

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