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Easy work-ability with high plasticity (sticky). That occurs after rigorously mixing for at least 5 minutes.

is a mid size powerful mixer that can handle all your mixing needs! Dry powder lime mortar: Heritage Mortar with lime putty 10L tub will repoint 2 to 2.5 m2 brickwork. This lime mortar mix can be installed using a bag, if more water is added, however the addition of water will add mass to the mortar and it will tend to develop shrinkage cracks which must be compressed together as the water leaves the mortar. The sand is a perfect blend of carefully graded, sharp silica with perfect interlocking structure. packages for easy hand loading or in 3,000 lb. is premixed  with sand and ready to use. a timesaving, lightweight, portable, powerful little mixer for the DIYer or contractor to get that job done. Sticky and slow setting, best suited to laths, ceilings and patching. How Much Mortar Do I Need? Lee Road bucket comes with water on top that must be removed before knocking up.

Conserv® Lime Mortars are made in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Engineered to BS EN 998-2:2016 specification, these products are CE certified and meet the CPR (Construction Products Regulations) 2013.

Currently available in 55lbs (25kg) bags. NHL’s will set in the presence of water which makes it ideal for use in exterior applications.

Mix with sharp sand at a ratio of 2 1/2 parts of Mason’s sand to 1 part NHL. 8 oz containers of 8 of our pigments for you to experiment with at a discount!
Natural lime has higher permeability in general, and allows for moisture to enter and escape freely – unlike Portland mortar, which locks in moisture and cracks over time. The ancient, natural building material that's ideal for the modern builder.

Made with the perfect blend of silica sand. Hydrated lime can be mixed with portland cement and other ingredients to make mortar mix and base coat stucco. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Optional add on: IMER MIX 360 iDust Grate $730.00, Optional Add On: Mix All 60 5 Pack of Buckets $200.00, Optional Add On: Mix All 60 Fine Mortar Mixing Paddle $89.00. Lime putty mortar is slower to set than NHL mortar. Our lime mortars are quality tested for ease of use & lasting results. Description. is a mid size powerful mixer that can handle all your mixing needs! Stock levels fluctuate please call to check available stock before arranging collection. Cashmere goat hair, wintered outdoors. (36.3 kg.) Hydraulic lime render base coat / undercoat for scratch coat and float coat. 7. Available in type M mortar, type S mortar and type N mortar which all meet ASTM C 270, ASTM C 1714 and CSA A179 requirements. A dry powder which requires mixing with water on site.

100% Natural with Lime and a Blend of Aggregates, Consistent Quality. Mosswood Gold Lime putty’s and hydraulic limes can vary in colour depending on the minerals present from white and cream to buff and grey. Because the compressive strength of masonry mortar is generally less important than bond strength, workability and water retentivity, the latter properties should be given principal consideration in mortar selection. Available for collection from The Lime Centre or next working day delivery. We recommend using an Imer Mixer or our drill beater to “knock up” the mortar before using. Allow mortar to cure a minimum of 7 days but no more than 28 days before cleaning. All Rights Reserved. All ingredients sourced and made in the USA! SPEC MIX Portland Lime & Sand is available in standard or custom colors. Hydraulic Lime, Which NHL?

Effortlessly removes moss, mould, mildew and lichen. Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 3.5 comes dry in 55 pound bags with no artificial additives.

Hydraulic lime is available in three grades, here's why and how it works. Read the installation guide below and feel free to contact us with questions or a custom quote for colors. 8. Retain the mock-up or field sample through the completion of the project. A dry powder which requires mixing with water on site. Each bucket weighs 80 lbs and will last in the bucket indefinitely. Remember the mortar must be softer than the brick or stone it is matched with! This is because the calcium in the mortar must be energized. Lime Wash 9. Pastel, straw blond, fine texture. In addition, custom mix designs are available for specific applications or properties, the standard Portland Lime & Sand mortar is designed to be compatible with the characteristics of the specified masonry unit. Each bucket comes with water on top that must be removed before knocking up. 6. The best prices on natural lime in large or small quantities. Remember the mortar must be softer than the brick or stone it is matched with! Natural lime render, sticky and slow setting. Premixed – ready to use. We are open for deliveries and collections.

Hydraulic vs. Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar Decide which of the two basic types of traditional lime mortar is most suitable. Oatmeal lime mortar with fine texture and neutral, even appearance. Made in United Kingdom, Engineered to Our Lime Mortar & other binders are made from St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime. Mixing is best accomplished by using a mechanical mixer to ensure optimal workability and performance. Installation Instructions For Lime Mortar, Helpful Guidelines When Working with Lime Products. Estimate with a mortar calculator: Pointing Calculator Minimum Compressive Strength at 28 days, MPa, *When structural reinforcement is incorporated in cement-lime mortar, the maximum air content shall be 12%, Minimum compression strength at 28 days, MPa, Preblended with sand to minimize labor cost, Consistency from batch to batch, everyday, No sand piles or wasted materials left on site. Premixed – ready to use. Conserv® Lime Renders are made in the United Kingdom. ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-01 Repointing Basics, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-02 – Repointing Special Joint Profiles Using Lime Mortar, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-03 – Grave Marker & Monument Cleaning & Repair Basics, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-04 – Basic Plaster Wall Repair, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-05 – Casting Plaster Medallions & Enrichments, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-06 Lithomex Brick & Stone Surface Repair, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-07 – Certified Lithomex Installer Level II, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-08 – Historic Preservation Boot Camp, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-09 – Basics of Building with Hempcrete, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop MAS-X – Custom Workshop Series, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop JOYN-01 – Sash Mechanics of Historic Windows, ARTisAn Objective® Workshop JOYN-02 – Restoring Historic Wood Windows, Ordering Mortar, Brick, and Stone Simulations, Are you an educator? Tarmac Limelite Lime Putty Use mortar within 2.5 hours after initial mixing. Put Your Video Story In The Limelight.

To avoid failure, do not re-point in temperatures below 40°F. SPEC MIX Portland Lime & Sand Mortar is available in 80 lb (36.2 kg) packages for easy hand loading or in 3,000 lb (1,360.7 kg) reusable bulk bags to be used with the various SPEC MIX silo systems. Hydraulic vs. Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar Mortar Calculator Remember the color of the sand will largely determine the color of the mortar! Please follow all safety warnings and installation instructions! Use for: Larger joints in stone, brick, and stucco. A mixture of lime, water and aggregates used to bring uniformity to interior walls and ceilings through smooth or decorative finishes.

Available in NHL2 NHL3.5 or NHL5.
Currently available in 55lbs (25kg) bags. Laths That is, masonry units having a high initial rate of absorption will have greater compatibility with mortar that has high water retentivity.

1 tonne will repoint 120 to 160 m2 brickwork or lay approx.

Flexible and slow setting, suitable for interior brickwork. We recommend this product for historic structures built with harder brick or stone. Mixing times are four to five minutes when using a mechanical batch mixer and should be held consistent from batch to batch. It is acceptable for all types of masonry construction with submittal’s available upon request. Hydraulic Lime, Practical Advantages Dry powder lime mortar: Hydraulic Lime Wash Namurian™ Pro Clean

3. The complete range, solutions for any lime plastering project. To see the true colour please request a sample biscuit(s). Bolckow Industrial Estate

NHL stands for Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 3.5, by Roundtower , is a strong mortar option with all the flexibility that comes with natural lime.

Yields include typical waste. It is breathable, vapor permeable and it wicks water out of masonry walls to protect brick and stone from water damage. If you have 2-3 weeks before you need your order, we can put the freight order out to bid. There are no matching color guarantee. This is because the calcium in the mortar must be energized. Lime mortar made with local sands to produce pale yellow or off-white coloured mortars using Morstead, Wareham or Extra Fine White sand. Natural, breathable coatings for external areas.

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