why is the book of enoch not in the bible

(Enoch ch. Many have argued that, basically, the reasons the Book of Enoch is non-canon are the same reasons the Book of Revelations should only be taken figuratively. (This verse also says that Gadreel showed mankind: “the blows of death” and “the weapons of death… the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword.” In a contradiction, (Enoch 8:1) it says Azazel did this.). Whether the Book of Enoch, or any of the other apocryphal texts, should have made it into the Bible is a question that scholars will likely still be debating long after we're all dead. Angels are spirits. Believing in the Bible automatically requires us to believe that God preserved and gave to man His inspired word. There are a lot of things mentioned in the Book of Enoch that are mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

Even the Book of Jeremiah reveals that sometimes scrolls are destroyed and have to be rewritten. These fallen Angels had n-o-t given themselves over to fornication. (This was usually done to lend credibility to the written work.) She also wrote numerous books stemming from Enoch about angels. Well, the men of Sodom wanted to have sex with the angels. It says that “200” angels came to Earth to marry and impregnate human women, which resulted in giant offspring. There is however not such a thing as 'the' canon.

Fragments of the Book of Enoch have made their way into mainstream religion, however. I had it and I ended up throwing it away.

Well, their role was to write down the scriptures.

The Book of Enoch contains several sections, including a portion called the Book of the Watchers. Also, I can see the confusion.

The book in the Ge'ez language does not match the fragments of the Aramaic or Hebrew language. You do not have to drink poison, in order to know it is not good for you. Their job was to re-write the scrolls as needed.

I don't think it is O.K.

Who were the Scribes? Through astronomy and astrology we know what time it is or what season it is. The Book of Enoch is a very pervert book, maybe this is why you like it. The Book of Enoch is heresy and those who teach it are in grave error and in danger of God's judgment. Enochic Judaism differs from the Word of God on the origin of sin, God's covenant of circumsion, the observance of the Sabbath, and the Mosiac law. The bible is a book of fallen angels. (Enoch 33:3) indicates that Enoch counted every star. Most estimates are that it was written at a time when many other apocryphal books were also written, this time being what is called the intertestamental period; the period between the book of Malachi and the events of the New Testament (app. The Bible never says that “angels” mated with human women in (Gen 6:1-4), but rather than that it was the “sons of God.” There are those who believe that the “sons of God” were angels, but I do not. In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was never accepted as the inspired word of God because it strayed away from truth of the scriptures given by Moses. Let’s look at that next. Amen :-). Verse Jude:7 does n-o-t relate to fallen angels that have left their first estate Vs. 6). Well, those that follow the unbiblical, anti-biblical Jewish custom of not pronouncing the name of Elohiym, seem to not have understood anything in the Bible so far. While this may be debatable, I do not believe there are “actual” mansions in Heaven (see: Q: #289.). Revelations is a book of Dreams and Visions. So if you do not have His Spirit.

Actually, they ARE scriptural. These books are spell breakers, and are MUST READS for any true truth seeker or one who wishes to get closer to our Heavenly Father. This is what you read into it. The part (v 25) is not anywhere in the Bible to reference. Because Jude did this, it is believed by some that this lends credibility to the BoE, and as such, it should be included in our Canon. Maybe it was just for me, but I love the book and the information given about demons and lucifer.

(Enoch 2:3) speaks of “rain,” when it had not “rained” before the flood (when Enoch lived), and no one even knew what “rain” was (see: Q: #44.). First, the Book of Enoch has been proven not to date back to the time of Enoch. These angels also “taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants” (7:1-2).

The BoE also contradicts our Bible in many places. People forget that many times the angels were mistaken for mere men. Nearly every scholar agrees that it was written MUCH later than when Enoch lived (pre-flood). Strange reasoning. Even early Catholicism did not feel it worthy to be included with the apocryphal books of their Bible. When God cast these angels from heaven, they could have VERY well fornicated with human women. Even the KKK used the bible to justify burning crosses in people's yards and hanging them.

Astronomy is the reason the Magi came looking for Jesus because of the Star of David. Though I am no scholar, that is my opinion. The earliest possible dating could have been in the Babylon captivity era. He was simply mentioning a verse within it that contained a truth. In the Oriental Orthodox Tradition there is the subset Orthodox Tewahedo. If you love this book, this is very scary, regarding your soul, I mean. Needless to say, there were a lot of big thoughts and at least a couple of hot screenplay concepts in there. As I have searched the scriptures for myself and have used as many trusted resources as I can, I have failed to find any teacher, professor, pastor etc to reconcile a specific question about Jesus and the Book of Enoch.

The "book of parables" contained in the Book of Enoch has been dated to 1 century BC. Enoch lived a short life by Old Testament standards, giving a "Good day, sir" to his mortal coil at just 365 years young. I agree. (Gen 19:1-12) In Mark 12:24-25 Jesus is telling the Saducees they error or are mistaken, have they not read the “Scriptures” He asked then He speaks on two things, one about marriage and being like the host of heaven (angels) then also quotes Moses.

So then, while I think we can agree with Enoch's pseudobiographical nature, the question is: does the Bible support the subject matter contained in Enoch. Believe the eyewitnesses of Christ life, the true writers of the Word of God, his Apostles who knew Him and walked with Him. The point is though: Those in the Orthodox Tewahedo church claim to be Christians and they claim that the book of Enoch is part of the canon. So can we take this story, which many in the Church dismiss as fanciful mythology, at it's face value?

And Jesus just got done saying they were in error because they don’t know scripture. That sounds problematic.

That should say neflim and not Netflix (auto correct:). Jude 1:14-15 has a particularly familiar piece of writing: "...Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convict all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.". It compares it to Sodom and Gomorrah. If the god's word that one claims to believe in can so easily (easily, as in mere men altering, corrupting, and essentially bastardizing) be rendered of no effect, by mere men, then perhaps one's god is not G-d after all?! The Jews did not include it in the Tanakh. The "book of watchers" quotes Deuteronomy 33:2. You seem to lament the fact we did not have a carbon date for a full copy. Yes, Paul quoted some secular sources.

So you disagree with something you yourself cannot prove, does that make you right? (Jos 5:13-15). Where are you getting your reasoning? Regarding the dates, that doesn't prove anything because Adam didn't write Genesis-Moses did some 2000 years later. NEPHILIM HYBRIDS & ANGELS - BOOK OF ENOCH - ORIGIN OF DEMONS & GIANTS. Thank you, Who determined what books were considered to be "Inspired", THE REAL REASON I BELIEVE ENOCH WAS NOT IN THE BIBLE, Such hatred from such "so-called righteous" people, NEPHILIM HYBRIDS & ANGELS - BOOK OF ENOCH - ORIGIN OF DEMONS & G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YinCWgp8IU&list=PLV7Wy_Z8JeGhbeJAtFKQNn... Book of Fallen Angels, Astronomy, A Book of Dreams and Visions.. (Enoch 40:9) says an angel named Phanuel “is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life.” In other words, Phanuel is taking the place of Jesus Christ. All rights reserved. to read it. I hear what you are saying, however, there are many factors that (I feel) aren't being considered. Tim Staples answers a caller who asks why the early Church did not include the Book of Enoch in the Bible. That might be a good starting point. The BoE has also has some BIZARRE teachings. Bless you in every way brother! Jews believed that inspiration ceased with Malachi. Whether it is considered "inspired" and, therefore, Canon, does nothing to diminish the fact was obviously a highly respected book in the time of the earliest church fathers and the apostles. Or one could even go far enough to assume that since Medical Science has come so far as to splice genes and add things into the genetic codes in DNA, what if there is a hybrid that has been genetically modified by demonically influenced people? Here, the author details Enoch's vision of heaven and the fall of a subsect of angels who would go on to interbreed with human beings, creating a race called the Nephilim: supernatural, man-eating, cannibalistic, vampiric giants. Biblical Canon, just man's twisted ideas? It would be better to burn it, so no one else finds it and gets deceived :-). This person merely stated their opinion, and your opinion is certainly no more or less valid than theirs. It praises Jesus for being the Anointed One by The Holy Father or Head of Days. Here are just a few: (Enoch 7:3) is perhaps the MOST bizarre. Some believe that this was a copyist error, and instead the giants were “300 cubits” tall. Copyright © JesusAlive.cc All rights reserved. Enoch was written in the first century B.C. I was having problems finding information about satan and demons until I read the book of Enoch. Do you realize there is not a single evil word uttered throughout the entire book? They are half breeds, angelic hybrids, the Titans. In the case of the Netflix who left their assigned estate (heaven), they went after different flesh because they were celestial beings going after fleshly relations with earthly beings. You just try to make the Bible to fit some false doctrine, that you seem to love. This is probably the very best explanation that I have ever heard about this subject as many people that I know try to justify some of the things they do by quoting from this book.

What was written of the Book of Enoch during that time period, mainly the "book of watchers" played a major role in the history of Jewish mysticism and was represented by the mystics to spread false teachings which were not given through the law and prophets. You read that into it. Because the main difference is this: Jude considered the words of Enoch prophecy while Paul did NOT consider their words as prophecy. Stop insulting others in the "name of God" because it is not a righteous thing to do, and certainly not within your authority or right to do so. The Book of Enoch gives unscriptural accounts of fallen angels. According to scholars who studied the fragments from the Qumran Cave, it is believed that a sect of Jews called Enochic Jews, who did not follow the Mosiac Law or the traditions of the Israelites wrote some of the book. Here, the author details Enoch's vision of heaven and the fall of a subsect of angels who would go on to interbreed with human beings, creating a race called the Nephilim: supernatural, man-eating, cannibalistic, vampiric giants.It was all very hat-on-a-hat. The last book of the Old Testament, Malachi, was written about 450 B.C.

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