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Take jollof rice or porridge yam, for instance, they are all the same across all Nigerian states except the slim difference in the style of preparation and ingredients used; especially for the soups. Yoruba foods are one of the popular meal eaten by the high influence ethnic group in Nigeria. Ikokore/Ojojo is commonly consumed by the Ijebu-Ode people of Ogun State.

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It is one of the most flavorful dinners eaten in Nigeria. Additionally, they also eat foods like pounded-yam (iyan), yam-flour (amala) and also for Ẹba (made from Cassava flour).

Dont know how long this has been here but believe by now you would have found a way out. I’m interested in opening up my own small restaurant…..selling Nigerian food stock and take away. More people prefer pounded yam to be pounded with mortar and pestle as the real fresh taste is tasted unlike the diverse types of machines used in recent times. Thanks for all the dishes. Your due diligence is to separate the rice from the dirt and rinse properly before cooking. Isn’t it? Ofada rice is a brown nutritious type of rice that has a unique flavor. Obe Ebolo My husband is wondering how i recently fell in love with cooking, every day I just want to make one delicious food from your cookbook. To prepare Amala you will need to peeled yam, cut, cleaned, dried and afterward blend it.

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As it is in the ingredients. To make it extra-ordinarily enjoyable, some crayfish and also smoked fish may be included in the whole mix.

Where can I get a recipe book I would love to have one. Pepper

The Amala Yoruba food can be served with either Gbegiri (beans soup) or Ewedu (vegetable soup). However, It is a tasty beans dish, widely known for its gentleness and also the yummy sauce. Efo riro is a popular Yoruba food enrich with vegetables. Gbegiri food is a Yoruba soup made with the use of brown beans or eye black beans. So many people have made it financially by selling this great recipe on the streets, especially at night when people are too tired to prepare a meal at night after a hectic day. It is also in its natural state without any genetic alteration that is why you might find a lot of stones in it after buying from the market. You can read this article on how to prepare Gbegiri soup or watch this video. This is prepared in hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth.

However, It is always yellowish and mostly served with Ewedu Soup and native stew for better taste.

Cook by trade.

can you pls send the recipe to my email, Hi, i am very new ,i am from northern Nigeria. Ofada Rice have a good taste when cooked with beans, crayfish, prawn, dry fish, cow skin, palm oil, and other seasonings. Eba is usually prepared by gently pouring the powdered cassava known as garri into hot water until it becomes slightly saturated. In the Efik/Ibibio ethic of the country, it is called Edikan-Ikong Soup. Yams are white in shading however it will turn dark-colored when dried; this gives Amala it’s shading. A Brand of Solorosco Web Service Solutions, (BN: 2741177).

Obe Marugbo Related Article: Nigerian Prison: The 10 New Facts and Rules passing into Law. Eba is made from cassava in powdered type.

Nice site. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Thanks, I am from hausa Nigeria but looking to learn how to make foods by other Nigerian ethic groups, thanks for the Yoruba recipes, I love your emails too.

Other spices like oil, onions, seasoning, salt, fish, egg and so on may be added to one’s choice and taste. However, the Yoruba garri (Eba) is whiter in shade like the image over the Igbo garri which looks yellow in shade.

However, the normal pot can additionally be utilized, though it could take some time to be prepared. 8.Obe Ajapa

The bran in the rice is... 3.

I made this soup a couple of days back and it is super delicious. google_ad_width = 300; Input your search keywords and press Enter. Nigerian Prison: The 10 New Facts and Rules passing into Law. Thanks, Can i get a recipe for shawarma chicken.Thanks. If you purchase this rice in the market then you will need to separate small stone and other dirt material before cooking it. 11. These foods have been tagged theirs because they have found themselves fallen in love with the meal over and over again, however, the accessibility and abundance of some foods in some regions of Nigeria makes it easy for the inhabitants to claim it as theirs.


Hi,tnx a lot 4 dis tips,proudly Nigerian,Yoruba & an Ondo man;my faverite above all is pounded yam & super swt Efo riro,However,am looking 4wrd 2 hear 4rm u quickly concerning yoruba (& other Nigerian ethnic groups)medicinal soups..Kudos 2 U..Thanks. Required fields are marked *. Yorubas also has snacks like kokoro, this kokoro can be made in different ways and with different ingredients. Some of the typical foods belonging to the Yoruba include moin-moin (fit to be tied bean pudding) and Akara (bean cake).

Alternatively, use an electric blender! Each tribe has salient meals. This page is entirely about the foods eaten by the Yorubas and here you are going to learn about making gbegiri soup; a very popular Yoruba “bean soup”.

Everyone seems to cherish it and Ekiti individuals appear to guarantee ‘Iyan’ as their nourishment more than some other state.

It also contains antioxidants and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Eba has a huge amount of calories that our body needs to be energized which is a whopping 357 calories in 100 grams.

One of such is ekuru and eko which is served with its own sauce, how about shanpala, adalu, luru soup, orunla etc. 16.Obe ata It has diverse kinds of product packaging designs either on aluminum foil, plastic bags, containers, or you can even try the more nourishing method use as the regional Moi-Moi delegates package. There are several kinds of local foods in Nigeria which has been in existence since our great grandfather’s time.

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