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Menú de cafetería

IMPORTANT NOTE for 2020-21:

During the time that St. John School is doing Distance Learning, families in need of meals for their children may contact the school cafeteria staff (520-901-1994) to request no-cost breakfast and lunch for their children a week at a time through our cafeteria. The meals will be provided FREE of charge to all of your children under the age of 18 (not just St. John students) now through the rest of 2020 under an emergency, government-funded food program.

You MUST contact the cafeteria in advance to be placed on the order list. Meal kits will not be distributed to any family who has not ordered in advance. It may take up to 5 school days before you may pick up your first weekly meal kit after placing an order. Students participating in hybrid learning on campus will receive a meal kit for 3 days and meals in class the other 2 days that they are on campus. All other children staying home will receive meal kits with breakfast and lunch for the entire school week.

Below is the “On-Campus” menu for students attending classes in person (as well as for staff/faculty):


Breakfast and lunch are available most days, including early dismissal days!

Students may also bring their own lunch (as long as it does not require the use of the microwave). Please be sure your child has a nutritious and filling meal, and please include any needed plastic ware or napkins. Soda is not permitted.


¡El desayuno y el almuerzo están disponibles la mayoría de los días, incluidos los días de salida temprana!

Los estudiantes también pueden traer su propio almuerzo (siempre que no requiera el uso del microondas). Asegúrese de que su hijo tenga una comida nutritiva y abundante, e incluya todos los utensilios de plástico o servilletas necesarios. No se permite sodas.